Paula Deen Named in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

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Already embroiled in controversy over her recent disclosure of diabetes, Paula Deen is now accused of sexual harassment in the termination of an employee.

The queen of Southern fried cooking nixed allegedly philandering general manager of one of her restaurants because, as she put it, "If you think I have worked this hard to lose everything because of a piece of p**sy, you better think again."

Paula replaced the G.M. with a woman, and now she's suing Paula and her brother for ... sexual harassment. That qualifies as irony right there.

Poor Paula

Lisa Jackson worked as G.M. for Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Ga., from 2005-2010. Paula's brother, Bubba Hiers, is part owner with Paula.

Lisa claims Bubba brought "inescapable pornography" to the workplace all the time, often visiting XXX websites on the kitchen computer and failing to log off. Smart.

According to the suit, Bubba allegedly asked Lisa to bring pics of herself to work, photos of her when she was younger, telling her, "You have nice legs."

Bubba also told Lisa two women at the restaurant were "fat girls" and shouldn't be wearing capri pants or skirts. Lisa also says Bubba once told another female employee who had just received dentures, "I bet your husband is going to like that."

Lisa goes on to say that Bubba once told a joke to the staff that described why men should have sex with women who had flat heads ... "because you can sit your beer on top of her head while she is giving you a b**w job."

And Lisa says Bubba is racist, using the N word a lot and making racist jokes.

There's a lot more, including alleged violent behavior on Bubba's part and an incident where he allegedly kissed Lisaand spit on her. Lisa, who says she was forced to quit because of intolerable working conditions, is suing for unspecified damages.

No comment from Deen's camp.



Yes she made it,but no one should let anything happen at a place
where the food should be the focus on the best if you are that big
in the food industry. I have eaten at one of her places and had some
great food and some bad food, high price for her name. She should
get her act on track. show a good example not this stuff. You never know what goes on in the back of any place, I know from my past
that the work place is a very hard place to do your job at times
and with the wrong manager it is even harder.Pleople stay working under all condition because we need money and Ms Deen does't needit herself.She is where she is because of all the good people working
for her, treet them good and they will make money. It is not just her and her brother, it's all owners and managers that need to look at their operation and make sure it is a good work place not a bad place to work . Hard to fine.


black people are racist.


My thing is why is she coming foward after 5 years of working with them and not the other person that was pushed and shoved and treated unfairly? If this happened then Bubba nor Paula should be let off scott free, but I would put it under more investigation and ask the other employees if this what truely happened.
I'm sorry I wouldn't work for people like that for near 5 years then leave, I think she is looking for an easy pay.


It seems that white people are targeted again.They can get up in front of our children and show there underwear and grab themselves in public and national television.But oh I forgot they are right and everyone else is wrong.Just like at the Superbowl lets see Jackson whoed her boob and this last chick gave the finger on national television for all to see.I don't like explaing this to a 6 or 12 year old why it's alright for them but not any other color skin people.Lets get real people we were all suppose to be the same no one better than the other.But here we go again another money hungry person let's call discrimanation.


Our group went to her restaurant. It is a tourist trap. The food is just average cafeteria food--nothing like the dishes she prepares on TV. I would not go there again.


You just never know, I had a white female teacher I admired until she offered me a ride home and her child put the lunchbox between us and never spoke. Disappointing.


She is a southern TPWT POS, who has made it big. I hope she goes straight down the drain. I wonder what her buddy Oprah thinks of her now. I've heard her Restaurant in Savanah is a real tourist trap with awful food. Boycott her restaurants and all products and TV shows. I hope sponsers pull away from her just like good ol boy Rush!


It seems to me that it is o.k. for blacks to openly in public, especially in music, use the n word, and other fowl words against whites, and it is accepted, but let a white person do so against blacks, and it is considered horrible and racist. That seems like white people are singled out and called racist, but actually the blacks are the ones who are racist against whites. All blacks are not in this category. I love black people, I have many black friends, and they are not racist toward me nor I toward them. We are to love one another, not hate each other. Get real people!


This woman is obviously following the money. Why would she stay employed at the same restaurant if things were so bad. Notice that these kinds of lawsuits are becoming more common, for the money and fame. I bet that we will be hearing from money grubbing Gloria Allred before long on this one!!


Obviously Deen is perceived as vulnerable right now by some. It's too bad. I have enjoyed watching her on TV. I would certainly go to her restaurants and wouldn't let tabloid news effect me. This too shall pass. She's been too good at what she does as a chef.

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