Paula Deen Lawsuit: Chef Reponds, Denies "Baseless" Allegations

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Attorneys for Paula Deen said that the former worker suing for sexual harassment and being subjected to a hostile work environment is making false allegations.

Deen's camp says Lisa Jackson only made the claims after rebuffing attempts to resolve the matter amicably, and after the chef refused to pay her to keep quiet.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, "makes false allegations against Paula Deen and they will be proven false in court," said a statement from the firm representing Deen.


The law firm said the suit was filed in a local court after the Southern cooking star and Type 2 diabetic refused to pay the woman to "address false claims."

Attorneys for Jackson, a former general manager at the restaurant, didn't immediately respond to an email seeking comment regarding Deen's rebuttal.

Jackson said her doctor encouraged her to quit managing Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Ga., due to panic attacks and other stress.

The restaurant is owned by Paula Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers.

Jackson, who is white, said in the lawsuit that Hiers routinely made inappropriate sexual remarks and that she heard Heirs and Deen using racial slurs.

The woman also said in court papers that she saw Hiers violently shake a black employee and that he "fostered a workplace environment of intimidation."

Deen's law firm said that she had investigated Jackson's claims and had unsuccessfully attempted to reach out and address them with her.

"She has made baseless, inflammatory allegations, threatening to go to the press and ruin Paula Deen's reputation," the firm's statement said.

After she allegedly demanded a large cash payout, "we refused to bow to that kind of pressure and refused to pay money to address false claims."

Jackson's lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.



keep your head up paula there is always someone that has to try to mess people life up because there life is not the best u knw my life is not great but i would never stoop so low. u will win the case and ill be jumping for joy. i watch and make all kinds of yummy things u make i put them on facebook when im friends love them. love ya and take care


I'm BLACK as well as a Paula Deen fan..I refuse to believe the movie "The Help" has anything to do with the case at matter. As for Mrs. Jackson "she's white", So Brenda S, that's not coming off very clear.. as far as Paula being a bitch I don't know her personally but I have met her in person in Savannah, Ga during a trip and she was a very pleasant person to have met. Hope all well goes for her.


"Innocent until proven guilty"....that's the law in America whether is was pre or post-Civil Rights era and it still stands. For those passing judgment now? It only shows you're as prejudicial as those who are labeled racist. Matter-of-fact, you must be racist against white southern women. Shame on ya! No prejudice is justified.


Reba- It's 2 late. the movie " The Help" came out now every anti America wants to place blame and relive the Pre- Civil Rights era. the want to wash the south from the history books and pretend it was nothing more than a disfunctional group of people that could not afford a train ticket to California. this anti american mindset believes that all racism comes from the white south.prisons are full of blacks yet it's all a setup. if you are a conservative then you are everything the youth in this country hates. it will be a long trip back to reality for the mislead yet they will make the trip back none the less after being burned by the accusers.


skinny_minny- I used to be an employee of Paula Deen. She is not an insufferable bitch from hell. In fact, she never made any discriminatory, racist, or degrading remarks to me or any of my other coworkers while I was employed. It's amazing how you people believe everything you read in the media. Did they make "black" employees walk in the back door? They made everyone walk in the back door. It's called the entrance to the kitchen. It isnt necessarily easy to walk in the front door when 100 tourists are waiting outside to open. Also, did they make the "black" employees use the back bathroom? YES! EVERYONE had to use the back bathroom during open hours of service because its gross to see your server, bartender, cook, anyone, walk into the bathroom with their aprons on. It just doesn't look good. Makes sense now doesn't it?


I'm acquaintences with someone who has had to deal with her. Apparently, when cameras aren't rolling, she's an insufferable bitch from hell.


Can you stop referring to her as diabetic? Her medical history should be private and does not define who she is. Give it a rest already.


For me, this has the ring of truth. We'll see if anyone else comes forward to corroborate, but it's difficult to make up stuff like "violently shaking" someone. And in the Old South, old habits and beliefs die hard. It'll be interesting for me, but nothing more - I don't watch much on Food Network anymore. I recall the Ina Garten incident with the Make-A-Wish kid who wanted to meet her but was turned down - she denied it, too, so I guess the little kid with cancer made it all up, too.


As a business owner and aware of what some desparate people do . Like my attorney says, some people will say and do anything for an opportunity to make a buck off of Anything they can including harrasement! That is the hardest to prove and also she can be over emphasizing a small situation. The fact that she wanted money tells me she is a Fraud!


I just hope that if she does win the case in court, she doesn't try to sue for slander or false accusations. Please don't be greedy, Paula. I think you have enough money. Be the bigger person and let it rest.

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