Paula Deen Lawsuit: Chef Reponds, Denies "Baseless" Allegations

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Attorneys for Paula Deen said that the former worker suing for sexual harassment and being subjected to a hostile work environment is making false allegations.

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    Please stop calling her a chef...chefs really cannot stand her and hate that she is called one...she is a cook and a poor one at that.


    for all thats reading, CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? This is a situation that just has to play out. Although it sounds like extortion, who are we that we can be the judge and the jury of this lawsuit? God sits high and looks low, he sees all things. If this woman is telling the truth or lying, it will all come to light...
    Pray for them both!


    As a former manager of this establishment I can tell you that this family is genuine. Paulas work ethic is higher than anyone I know. The only person feared in this business was the plaintiff herself . This is just a case of trying to get money from a hard working family that deserve everything they have. This woman is pure evil and soon the world will see it too. Hang in there Bubba and Paula. Glad you're fighting this!


    I SO BELIEVE the hostile work environment - Paula revealed her nasty side when she started that Paula's party. There were disgusting sexual innuendos (to be polite) that were very unbecoming, at least unexpected on a woman her age that we've invited into our homes like a grandma. She continues to make sexualized comments -- I suspect the work environment has that nasty tone.


    I once read somewhere that Paula has a very explosive temper whenever she doesn't get her way. And, from what I hear, Paula's brother Bubba Hiers has a police record and a very violent past. So...I think that Lisa Jackson has a case. All in all, we shall see..........


    Lu Lu - You are ridiculous. Switches are what you used to use to spank your children with when they misbehaved. My parents tell me stories all the time of how their father made them get a switch out of the yard when they were bad. And that was only 50 years ago, this isn't the early 1900s or 1800s for that matter. Slaves? Really? Get a grip.


    People are ridiculous!! I'm sure Ms. Jackson has said a few choice words about Paula herself. And I seriously doubt that Paula would sue her. This woman just wants money! It's obvious, and sad! Paula shouldn't settle! This woman is sadly gonna get dragged through the mud! I just hope she is ready for it!! Her doctors told her she needed to quit the restaurant because of stress and anxiety and panic attacks! Well get your medicine ready sister, you are gonna need it now! Haha! Go Paula!


    This seems true to me. You cant really make things like this up, it is too specific. She is such a phony and for some reason I remember seeing d-list with k. griffin and she visits paula who happens to own a switch, something they used to whip slaves. Who the hell would own that? I'm ashamed of you paula and it takes courage for this girl to speak up.


    It's getting to the point where White Conservatives are innocent until charged.


    How many black people did Paula have on her show? Nuff said.

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