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Erika Van Pelt showed a lot of Heart on American Idol last night, choosing to cover the classic 1980s track "What About Love."

How did the mobile DJ's trip to Hollywood turn out? Not terribly, though not especially memorably, either. We aren't buzzing over Erika this morning the way we are over Hollie Cavanagh or even Elise Testone.

The singer seems to know her range, keeping everything in a mostly low, husky tone. The result? A "magical" performance, according to Steven Tyler and an "amazing" one according to Jennifer Lopez. Randy, meanwhile, gave Van Pelt props for her restraint. Watch now and see if you agree with these assessments:

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Skylar Laine did not lack for energy on last night's American Idol audition show.

The 18-year old took viewers on a quick tour of her small hometown and then burst on to the stage for a cover of "Stay With Me," not showing tremendous vocal range, but bopping and dancing around and clearly having a blast.

The judges compared Laine at various times to Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson and, most of all, Tina Turned. Not exactly bad company to keep. Will Skylar be sticking around past this week? Decide for yourself if she deserves to:

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For their first live auditions of season 11, both Jen Hirsh and Elise Testone covered the same Adele song last night. That has to be an American Idol first, right?

Even more incredibly? The track was NOT "Rolling in the Deep!"

Instead, each of these hopefuls delivered a version of "One and Only," with Randy complimenting Jen for her R&B "swag" and then J. Lo taking it a step further for Elise, who sat at a piano for her performance. "You may be the best singer here," Lopez told Testone.

Listen to both now, compare them to other contestants such as Shannon Magrane and then vote on your favorite cover:

Whose version of Adele did you prefer?


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MTV has just given a green light to a third iteration of its popular Teen Mom franchise, according to reports. Teen Mom 3 will feature a new crop of kids ... and their kids.

This is not to be confused with Season Three of Teen Mom, starring Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell, which is also in the works.

The second season of Teen Mom 2, starring Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska, recently concluded (and will likely get a third season too).

Teen Mom 2 After Show

Who will be the latest fab four chosen by MTV?

Critics say the shows glamorize teen pregnancy, though the rate has actually plummeted in recent years, and the storylines portrayed are more sad than glamorous overall.

In any case, get ready for a third installment of the phenomenally successful Teen Mom brand, whose cast is selected from the previous crop of 16 and Pregnant stars.

Who do you think it will be? It's hard to say, given that the new season of 16 hasn't even aired yet (March 27), but follow the link to meet the 16 & Pregnant cast.

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Justin Bieber will appear on an episode of Ellen today for two reasons:

  1. To celebrate his 18th birthday!
  2. To announce the name and release date of his next single!

Indeed, the teenage icon is 18 years old as of this morning, so you can feel less illegal/guilty for picturing him naked, ladies. In honor of the occasion, he made a big announcement during his Ellen interview:

Justin Bieber in Cannes

"On March 26, my first single is coming out and it’s called ‘Boyfriend,’” Justin says in the following video, going on to describe the theme of the track he co-wrote with Mike Posner. “Basically I’m talking to this girl, 'if I was your boyfriend I would never let you go.'"

During the taping, Justin‘s manager, Scooter Braun, surprised his client with a new car: the environmentally-friendly Fiskar Karma.

Bieber and Ellen also discussed the former's trip to a special elementary school earlier this year and how the singer gets involved in so many charitable endeavors. What a great guy. Send him your birthday wishes now!

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Shannon Magrane is a tall, All-American girl.

That was how she was portrayed on last night's American Idol audition show, as Ryan Seacrest once again interviewed her World Series-hurling father and once again brought up a certain awkward incident from a few weeks ago.

But can she sing? We think so. While the judges questioned Magrane's song choice a bit, Randy Jackson delivered very high praise in saying Shannon possesses a "Lauryn Hill vibrato." That reference may be lost on younger viewers, but trust us. It's a big compliment.

What did you think of Magrane's performance?

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has won Wyoming's presidential caucus vote, a series of county straw polls that took place over the last three weeks.

At 39 percent, Romney bested Rick Santorum (32 percent), Ron Paul (21 percent) and Newt Gingrich (8 percent). The Wyoming GOP released the results Wednesday.

Like Iowa's caucus, Wyoming's is not binding and will in no way affect the state's 29 delegates to the national convention, where the nominee will be formally chosen.

GOP Contenders

More attention will likely be paid to Wyoming's county conventions, held March 6-10, which will directly elect 12 delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Its April state convention, which will elect another 14 delegates ... none of which will be allocated (or "bound") to any of the four remaining presidential candidate.

Each will have to announce support for a candidate or "undecided." Confused yet?

Only 2,108 total votes were cast in Wyoming, the least populous U.S. state (fun fact). Nevada, the next smallest caucus to date, saw more than 30,000 GOP votes.

Also like in Iowa, the precinct caucuses served another function, besides recording a presidential-preference vote: electing delegates to Wyoming's later conventions.

If Romney's win in Wyoming is any indication, he'll receive more backing than his rivals from Wyoming's unbound national delegates at the GOP convention.

Romney won Michigan and Arizona Tuesday. Ten states cast ballots next week, on Super Tuesday, in an increasingly important date for his three competitors.

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The drought is FINALLY over, John Mayer Nation.

A few weeks back, Mayer teased fans with a 60-second snippet of "Shadow Days," the first piece of new music he recorded since undergoing surgery last fall.

Then, this week, he leaked "Shadow Days" on Cities97 Radio. It's not officially released yet (that comes March) but you can take a listen to the track below:

Columbia Records confirmed that his forthcoming album, the 12-track Born and Raised, will be released on May 22, with the above single due out March 6.

The singer-songwriter will also be hitting the road for an 18-date spring tour that kicks off April 9 in Bloomington, Ind., and wraps April 29 in New Orleans.

Mayer, who became known more for his douchebag antics, comments and Tweets than his formidable music career in recent years, is no longer on Twitter.

Maybe he'll let the music do the talking now.

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Prior to being named one of American Idol's final 24, Haley Johnson had scarcely received any screen time on season 11.

Now we know why.

In what is being slammed as one of the worst performance in show history - seriously, Haley, avoid Twitter today; and possibly the Internet in general - Johnson took to the stage and, as Randy Jackson put it, turned the classic "Sweet Dreams" into a nightmare. She showed no range and far too many misguided vocal runs.

Judge for yourself below, but don't expect to see Johnson next week.

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Are you two related by any chance?

One look at Lady Gaga's mom, Cynthia Germanotta, and it's clear where the pop superstar got her looks. Both Gagas attended the launch of their Born This Way Foundation, an anti-bullying and teen advocacy group, at Harvard University.

Here's a comparison of Cynthia Germanotta, 57, and Stefani Germanotta, 25, using one of the rare Lady Gaga pictures in which she appears au naturale:

  • Cynthia Germanotta Photo
  • Natural Gaga

Lady Gaga has talked publicly about how close she is to her family, and credits her mother with inspiring her passion for style ... even if hers is a little bit tamer.

"I was very much like my mother [growing up]," the "Bad Romance" chanteuse told Vanity Fair. "She would do her hair every morning and dress so nicely."

"I just liked to be glamorous. It made me feel like a star."

For her part, it seems Germanotta is equally as admiring.

"She's a great businesswoman," Germanotta told The Daily Beast about starting the Born This Way foundation with her daughter. "I'm learning from her now."

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