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It doesn't sound like Heejun Han will be pulling an Erika Van Pelt.

The season 11 finalist was eliminated from American Idol last night, but while Van Pelt has expressed disdain for the judges' decision NOT to save her - saying in an interview that she feels shafted - Han spoke to reporters this morning and sounded at peace with the process.

"It was way too early to use their card," he said of the single veto permitted by the panel of three. "I'm pretty sure they're saving it for some other people. It was fair and square."

Han also said that performing "My Life" was his favorite moment during the run, even if Steven Tyler wasn't a fan of the comical rendition.

"We had our different perspectives," he said of his mini clash with the rocker. "I was trying to give a fun time to America because I thought it would be entertaining and fun. Maybe he took it wrong, but I can't please everyone."

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Did Rick Santorum almost call President Obama the n-word?

Multiple news outlets are featuring a video of the Republican President candidate speaking to a crowd in Wisconsin this week (below), where he said:

“We know the candidate Barack Obama, what he was like – the anti-war government ...” He then starts to say a word starting with “n-” or "ni-".

He continues, “America was a source for division around the world, that what we were doing was wrong.” Did he almost drop the n-word? Listen:

Santorum’s team, of course, insists this is BS: “Give me a break. That’s unbelievable. What does it say about those that are running with this story that that’s where their mind goes. You know, I’m not going to dignify that with [a response].”

The n-word, one hopes, is never in anyone's thoughts, even subconsciously. The debates showed time and again that Rick Santorum, when frustrated, rapidly loses eloquence and becomes tongue-tied, stuttering slightly. Could that be all this is?

On the flip side ... what other ni-word was that supposed to be?

You tell us: Was Santorum about to drop the n-bomb?


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Lamar Hurd, a Portland sportscaster, is lobbying - and has already garnered great support - to become the first African-American star of ABC's The Bachelor.

According to his professional-looking audition video (below), Lamar’s assistant Tammy first came up with the idea to submit an application on his behalf.

“Let’s say I wanted to go on it, and was willing to do it, they haven’t even had a black Bachelor,” Lamar said of his initial resistance to apply. But he did!

If the video tells us anything, it's that Lamar Hurd is clearly telegenic, comfortable on camera, humble and shirtless a lot. Really, how can he go wrong?!

More importantly, he seems charismatic and charming, yet measured. Fun enough to lure viewers in, boring enough to be a non-polarizing blank slate.

Plus, the racial element would be one heck of a hook for the new season.

Lack of diversity is one of our top five complaints about the show (the other four being overuse of the word "journey", lame metaphors equating bungee jumping to romance, cringe-worthy grammar, i.e. "Ben and I's relationship", and Courtney Robertson).

It’s unclear if ABC would go for a non-white Bachelor, since past runner-ups have been good for ratings, or what the racial makeup of young women would be.

And is America even ready for the first minority Bachelor? Given that they've already had a cyborg on there twice (Brad Womack), we'd say yes. Please.

Would you wanna see Lamar Hurd as The Bachelor?


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For 24 hours only, fellas, it's okay to stare. Jump online. Ogle your co-worker. Take as many peeks as you'd like and just say you're celebrating.

Because it's National Cleavage Day! No, really, that's a thing. It originated in 2002 and is sponsored by Wonderbra.

"It is a day for women to realize that their cleavage is something unique and that they should be proud of it," says Anita Meiring, public relations consultant for that company. "It gives women a chance to be beautiful and glow in the furtive, yet appreciative, glances their cleavage evokes from men."

In honor of the occasion, we recognize the very best in Hollywood breasts below. Click away, guys. You're off the hook today!

  • Kim Kardashian Cleavage Photo

  • Madonna, Cleavage
  • Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Pic
  • Miley Cyrus Cleavage Shot
  • Pam Anderson Cleavage
  • Insane Rihanna Cleavage
  • Snooki Cleavage Pic
  • Christina Hendricks Cleavage
  • Lady Gaga Cleavage Alert
  • Britney Spears Cleavage
  • Octomom Cleavage Action!
  • Very Nice Cleavage
  • Jessica Simpson's Boobs

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Yesterday, Step Up 4 released a new trailer and a new name, Step Up Revolution.

The newly minted dance-fest shifts to Miami this time around, with a budding romance between a flash mob leader and a young woman who strives to become a professional dancer ... standard Step Up operating procedure really.

The franchise maintains its So You Think You Can Dance connections with its lead star, Kathryn McCormick alongside tWitch, with Travis Wall as choreographer.

Look for the dance moves to burn up the summer ... July 27.

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Katrina Darrell, the American Idol contestant who rose to prominence in 2009 when she auditioned in a bikini and clashed with judge Kara DioGuardi, has been arrested for DUI.

As first reported by TMZ, Darrell was pulled over in Pomona at 12:16 am.m. PST today and allegedly told police she was on her way to a local hospital because her mom - who was sitting shotgun - had fallen down and injured herself.

The police let her go as a result... but she then ran a red light and crashed into another car!

The former Idol hopeful tried to flee the scene, was pulled over again by cops who smelled alcohol on her breath and proceeded to fail a field sobriety test by blowing somewhere between .15 and .17, twice the legal limit in California.

Sources say Darrell was crying throughout the ordeal and released around 6 a.m. from the police station. She may also face charges for the aforementioned hit-and-run.

All this AND our readers believe DioGuardi looks better in a bikini! Ouch.

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Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with Pitbull once again.

Following the duo's successful collaboration on "On the Floor," they are now back for the latest track from the America Idol judge, "Dance Again." Tweeted the artist last night, prior to the single dropping this morning on Ryan Seacrest's radio show:

Just want to say I love you all. And thank you for all your support and #LOVE! #DANCEAGAIN

Listen now and react: What do you think of Lopez's latest?

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was endorsed by former President George H.W. Bush this week, meeting with the former Commander-in-Chief.

The nation's 41st president said that Romney is a good man who would make a "great president." And he says it's time for Republicans to unite behind Romney.

The pair, joined by former first lady Barbara Bush, briefly faced reporters Thursday night in Bush Sr.'s Houston office to make the endorsement official.

The 87-year-old Bush had informally endorsed the GOP frontrunner on multiple occasions in recent months, but hadn't appeared on his behalf until now.

Bush and Mitt

One of Bush's sons, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, endorsed Romney last week. Another son, former President George W. Bush, has stayed out of the GOP race.

It's unclear the degree to which his input would be welcomed.

"I haven't met with President George W. Bush. We speak from time to time," Romney replied when asked if he had sought the younger Bush's endorsement.

George W. Bush, who lives in Dallas and has kept a very low profile since leaving office, did not attend any of Romney's six Texas fundraisers this month.

The Bush legacy of gaping budget deficits, two wars and low approval ratings has merited no more than a fleeting reference from Romney and his rivals.

W.'s virtual absence from the presidential contest seemed to surprise even his father as reporters visited H.W.'s office to watch him endorse Romney.

"Has he endorsed you?" George H.W. Bush quietly asked Romney as reporters started to leave the room. "Uh, no, no," Romney replied.

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Idiot baseball great Manny Ramirez will not be prosecuted for misdemeanor battery for allegedly slapping around his wife Juliana in their Florida home last year.

A rep for the State Attorney's Office explained as such:

"The state has dropped the charge because the victim was uncooperative ... She avoided being served with a state subpoena and is believed to be out of state."

So Julianna camped out and refused to pursue it.

Man Ram

Manny was arrested on September 12 after she called police and claimed Ramirez had slapped her in the face with an open hand, causing her to hit her head.

The two-time World Series champ maintained he had merely grabbed Juliana by the shoulders in an argument and "shrugged her" ... whatever that means.

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British pop star Robbie Williams has been holding a secret, and he just can't keep it any longer: He and wife Ayda Field are expecting their first child!

We'll let the singer express his excitement over the news via a blog entry he posted this morning...

Robbie Williams, Wife

"Me and Ayda are going to be mummy and daddy this year … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had sex! It works!” Williams wrote on his website. “We’ve seen scans and cried … looked at babies in commercials and teared up … the nursery is already planned. Basically I’m in love with a little person growing in mummy’s belly."

The couple got married in 2010 and Robbie says he "can’t wait to be a daddy.”

We wish this growing family nothing but the best!

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