Oprah Winfrey to Interview Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Family Members

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She may no longer host her a daytime talk show, but Oprah Winfrey still has serious sway.

The Associated Press confirms that she has landed the first interview with members of Whitney Houston's family since the singer's tragic death last month, as Oprah will sit down with loved ones that include:

Whitney‘s sister-in-law/manager, Patricia Houston; her brother Gary; and her daughter Bobbi Kristina, who many fear is headed down a similar, drug-laden path as her mother.

The Big O, Goodbye

Oprah attended Whitney's funeral in New Jersey and no official cause of death has been determined yet. Autopsy results should be in within a week or two.

The interview, meanwhile, will air on OWN Sunday, March 11 at 9 p.m.


This does not surprise me at all!!! Oprah will do ANYTHING to be the center of (celebrity) attention!!! When Oprah sits down with the Houston family to conduct the so-called interview, I think that the following 3 subjects should be discussed:
1. the fact that Whitney and Bobbi Kristina shared the SAME drug dealer.
2. the fact that Whitney and Miss Cissy had A LOT of knock-down drag-out fights as mother and daughter.
3. the fact that Whitney went to her grave HATING Kevin Costner because he openly criticized her acting during the filming of The Bodyguard back in 1992.
I'm just saying..........


Riley I hear what you are saying whitney did do that she took alot of people to church that day. For some they hadent been n a while such as myself. What a wonderful thing she did with her music.


Who cares? Another weak attempt to bolster a loser network, OWN, by Harpo.


I really admire the huston family. Infact every other celeb out there should take some tips from the hustons because they aren't being private about life after the death they are opening up about it. It shows that they have a bond with their fans. I honestly take my hat off to the Hustons. First they took the world to church and now they are willingly bonding with fans!


This is pure craziness. Why did the family agree to this shit, and does Ophrah have no consideration for the bereaved. How could she be so heartless? Poor decision by both parties. Very poor decision.


i wonder if bobbi will speak of how her ghetto father caused whitney's downfall? also, whitney's sister in law, patricia, appears to be a fame whore.


I can understand the family's Need to talk about their loss, and I do understand that Oprah was an invited guest to the funeral services, but to continue to place the family on display while they are still grieving is beyond my comprehension. So what happens after the show airs, are the family left to grieve again on their own as they were left to do after a week of funeral preparations. *I believe that everyone grieves in their own way,but to expect the family to be able to go in front of the camera so soon after a death that Not only affected the family, but the public at large is like a continued source of exploitation of Ms. Houston's death!!

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