Nancy Grace Battles The View, Continues to Totally Suck

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Only Nancy Grace would make the women of The View come across as sane, reasonable and united.

That's what happened when this awful human being appeared on the talk show this week and was asked about her infamous Whitney Houston comments, where she randomly wondered - soon after the singer died - whether someone had "pushed" her down in the bathtub.

Wasn't this asserting disrespectful to the family, Grace was asked. You're missing the point, ignorant idiots, she basically replied, rambling on about wanting to know the truth, condescendingly explaining why autopsies exist and telling the ladies it's easy to "throw stones behind a coffee mug."

But it's not easy being Nancy Grace, people! Watch the exchange below:


i think from a prosecuters stand point shes totally right... BUT NEWSFLASH BOMBSHELL NANCY YOURE NOT A PROSECUTER ANYMORE.. its a shame that she cant just say my wording may havent been the best choice of words, yet still get her point across. and shes SO defensive in this clip that makes me think shes not remorseful or respectful to the dead person here just trying to cover her ass.. after the casey anthony trial does anyone actually watch this nutjobs show i mean honestly


Why do they have these controversial people on the show? I turned it off when they all started mag-pieing, talking over each other. I watch the show, usually, but I cannot stand to hear a bunch of women trying to talk over one another. I much prefer a one on one host, much more peaceful.

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