Morgan Freeman and E'Dena Hines: It's Over?

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Morgan Freeman has reportedly dumped his step-granddaughter, E'Dena Hines, for another young girlfriend named Ellie, according to tabloid reports.

The story of the 74-year-old reportedly dating E'Dena Hines a few years ago. Hines, now 29, was even said to be a teen when they were first involved.

That's ... probably not even true. But it was never denied, and the rumor stuck.

Edena Hines

However, it seems that the Academy Award winner has moved on from pursuing his own step-granddaughter to relationship to a younger Filipino woman.

"Morgan rang in the New Year by planting a passionate kiss on his new gal Ellie, who's an accountant in Los Angeles," a source said.

Friends believe the relationship could be serious because Morgan also invited Ellie's mom and sister. "Morgan was having a great time," the source says.

"They kept kissing. They're definitely an item."

Sure they are. Good to know.


you are reading tabloid press. the chances of it being accurate are minimal.


Regardless of wanting to marry this stepgranddaughter, I think Morgan Freeman is disgusting for what he has done and is probably still doing. I WILL NEVER WATCH ANY OF HIS MOVIES AGAIN BECAUSE he is plain flat out a PERVERT!!


Yall no what ,I'm not surprise anymore people would do anything for money these days she never care about her grandmother who had her around try n to give her a better life ,no loyalty to her family ya just can't trust nobody ,but there life there business ,see what money do to people just think.u can buy any ,with the right price sad and trust me she will b miserable duces ps carma is a mf


And this is the same guy that call the " Tea Party" Racists? I don't know of any Tea Party people stooping to this! What a Pathetic Human he is.


Morgan Freeman is a highly talented actor I must give the man his props. But the step daughter thing is just sick and gross. When I first heard the story it made me want to throw up. I believe that love has no color nor age but could he keep it out the family rather than in the family. I hope he never gets an acting role as a pastor what a role that would be.


what a dog some men are? dating ur step daughter at the first place is ewwww. then secondly such a younger girl that could be ur own grand daughter, thirdly, intead of growing up you still looking for a baby girl at your when you are in your 70s. what a pedophile

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