Michelle Obama and Bo Pose For White House Photo

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Michelle Obama posed for a photo this week with her dog, Bo.

Not particularly newsworthy, we realize ... but CUTE worthy!

"He is my son," the First Lady told David Letterman earlier this week about the adorable Portuguese Water Dog's role in her life. "I have two girls – and a boy."

Michelle Obama and Bo Photo

Michelle Obama has always said that she considers herself the Mom-in-Chief, and in true mom form, she had nothing but praise for her furry "kid."

"Bo is wonderful. He is the smartest dog on the planet."

When Dave expressed doubts about Portuguese water dogs and their allegedly perfect behavior, the First Lady assured him that Bo has nothing but positive qualities.

"He's a very sweet dog. I'm not being biased. He's very well-mannered, he's very even-tempered ... He has a very busy schedule, appearances."

"I'm thinking about getting him an agent."


They really have her " Full Court Pressing" in regards to damage control! All she needs now is an apron! Look at me- I'm not an angry Black Woman! Her & Bo- such an enchanted moment!


Maybe "Bo" should run for the Presidency. Something tells me it would be a marked improvement. Yeah, Michelle get the dog an AGENT..oh, and YOU? Get a life---in Chicago--that is, after the November elections!


She can get Bo -Rin Tin Tin - she can freakin dig up Lassie it's not going to make a Damn bit of difference! She will not spend another Valentines day in the White House. Her and her " For the 1st time I'm proud of my Country" Bullshit. She can get on Leno-Letterman or call Oprah out of retirement - this Administration is done! Who in their right mind will live like this for another 4 years! I have never seen a bigger mess!

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