Michelle Duggar Denies Adverse Impact on Earth, Says Entire Population Could Live in Jacksonville

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To anyone accusing her of being wasteful or irresponsible on a planet already short on resources, Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting offers a strong rebuke.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Michelle was asked how one can justify having such a large family in an already overpopulated world.

Duggar said overpopulation is basically a myth. Why? Get ready for this ...

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"The idea of overpopulation is not accurate because, really, the whole world population, standing shoulder to shoulder, could fit in the city limits of Jacksonville."

"So if you realize that aspect, we're not anywhere near being overpopulated."

Who knew Jacksonville was that big? Take that, science. Step off.

Michelle Duggar did, with all due respect, go on to discuss how buying used cars, old clothing and living resourcefully can reduce a family's environmental impact.

They also have no debts, reducing their financial burden on others.

Nevertheless, a family of 21? Probably more of strain on the environment than one half its size. Or a quarter of its size. Carbon footprints do exist, like it or not.

According to Duggar - who does specialize in a terrific Duggars Tater Tot Casserole recipe -  other countries have death rates that eclipse birth rates (it's actually quite rare), so there can never be too many babies. Huh?

Anyway, we're done. Your turn. Is it okay to have 19 kids?


This idiot woman apparently believes that there is an endless supply of resources for everyone on earth. There is not. The population of this planet is already at 7 billion, and already there is not enough water for everyone.Is she not aware that Africa, for one, is a country that has suffered a very serious water shortage for many many years? Prehaps if she'd spend more time reading and paying attention to the and less time reproducing she'd actually understand that overpopulation is a serious and very real problem that affects everyone. Somebody that selfish and stupid should not be reproducing anyway. The world needs fewer selfish idiots, and it's time to put a stop to that particular gene pool. Read a book or at least watch the news, Mrs. Duggar. Such a pathetic git!


Jules - "Steralise that silly woman! And when they diagnose that mental disorder they should name it Duggar. Your children have emotional needs that you cant possibly cater for with so much distraction and you have NO right to turn your older children into surrogate parents. NONE!!" Sterilizing someone against their will is worse than someone having dozens of children, and their older children have been taught to be happy and proud to be of service to others which many children nowadays could well learn instead of turning children into me, me, me people who grow up to be a burden on and a problem to society.


I think they have a very naive view of life on Planet Earth, but they pay for their own and they teach their own well - so it's better than these welfare mothers having a dozen children running wild in the projects being a problem to everyone in sight for their entire lives. Get onto the welfare moms, and leave the Duggars alone.


Leave that wonderful family ALONE. They and their 19 children are more thoughtful and better mannered than most I’ve seen with 1 or 2 kids. At least they teach them values and to be respectful to others. I bet none of them would put down someone who lives a different lifestyle. I look forward to their show each week, after listening to the news each day and following the political circus, it’s nice to see people who genuinely like and respect each other.


Steralise that silly woman! And when they diagnose that mental disorder they should name it Duggar. Your children have emotional needs that you cant possibly cater for with so much distraction and you have NO right to turn your older children into surrogate parents. NONE!!


i agree with those who say that god has ALREADY given the hints, that she's had ENOUGH....i also feel, that their NOT being FAIR to the OLDDER kids, making them "early parents"....in their religion, girls don't leave home until their married....yet, they don't really get the chance to meet normal people....they go to home schooling meetings and such....imo, there is MORE to life then RELIGION. alisa


I think it is ridiculous for anyone to judge them, having children even a multitude of them is a personal choice between Michelle, Jim-Bob, and their God. We should respect the fact that they do not live off of the state and didn't even before TLC came around and that they raise their children to be decent human beings. Leave them be and let them live THEIR LIVES, the way they see fit.


Be fruitful and multiply. Live and let live. "If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have a paradise in a few years." Bertrand Russell


Hey everyone!!!!!! GOD LOVES THE DUGGARS AND SO DO I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really...and they HOMESCHOOL their children. That is just swell. We need more of them.


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And so be available, and not just available, but be joyfully available for him. Smile and be willing to say, 'Yes, sweetie I am here for you,' NO MATTER WHAT, even though you may be exhausted and big and pregnant and you may not feel like he feels. 'I'm still here for you and I'm going to meet that need because I know it's a need for you.' - Michelle

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