Mega Millions Jackpot: $540M Up For Grabs Tonight!

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A historic $540 million Mega Millions jackpot is up for grabs Friday as the lottery is living up to its name. Will you claim the biggest lotto prize in history tonight?!

Almost certainly not, but we know it's fun to dream.

Maybe we should be a little more optimistic. What will you do with the money when (not if) you strike it rich? With great wealth comes great responsibility.

Here, some experts weigh in with financial advice:

The drawing will be held Friday at 11 p.m. ET, and it can take hours for officials to figure out if there is a winner and in what state the ticket was purchased.

If no one wins ... roll that money into the next pot and play again!

The jackpot, which officials are calling "the largest lottery in world history," has captivated the nation, caused long lines at convenience stores and has many dreaming of ways to quit their jobs if they were to get the lucky numbers.

Gary Grief, director of the Texas Lottery and director for the Mega Millions group, said:

"Friday night's Mega Millions drawing will truly be a spectacular event in lottery history and provides an unprecedented opportunity for players to take a chance on a half-billion dollar dream for just the $1 price of a ticket."

Winners of the 40-state lotto can choose to receive annual payments or get a lump sum of $389 million if they pick the cash option. Decisions, decisions ...


I find it kind of ironic (or whatever) that the last name of that Gary fella is...Grief. OH IRONY!!!!! Grief...which is what happens once lottery winners start getting threatened (and WORSE) by psycho "friends and family." As far as I'm concerned, any lottery winner that gives in to threats and blackmail is A/THE REAL FOOL!!!!! Until next time...PEACE!!!!!!


Over $500 million????? I look at it like this...if more than 1 person wins (which has happened more than once) the $540 million, I wonder how much hostility, fighting and drama will happen????? Why don't they just up the $$$ ante to an even $1 BILLION DOLLARS?????? LOL!!!!!! Fools.


Fyi- I looked it up... "Public disclosure laws vary from state to state. Some states require their lotteries to publicly identify winners, while others do not. Check with your Mega Millions state lottery."


I wanna wiiiiiiiiin. yeah honestly ive heard too many stories about people trying to kill people over the lottery winnings. thats nonsense... id rather people not know if i win (IF)


When I win tonight alot of people will be happy including my local SPCA. Where the dogs at!!!!!!


Funny you say that. On the back of your tix it says that all tickets, transactions, drawings and prizes are subject to rules and regs of your state lottery commission. I'm sure that includes having to do publicity. We looked bc we were saying the same thing, how we'd collect quietly. Dont think that's an option... Good Luck!


Good Luck Everybody!!
Remember, No Publicity!!