Mary J. Blige Asks "Why" on American Idol Results Show

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American Idol delivered bad news to Jeremy Rosado last night, as this aspiring singer became the first finalist to be eliminated on season 11.

But the competition also provided a bit of good news for Jeremy a, audience members in attendance and viewers around the world, as one of this generation's true superstars took to the stage and gave the Idols an idea of how it's truly done.

Take it away, Mary J. Blige! Check out this superstar's rendition of "Why," courtesy of last night's results show, now:

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Mary J. Blige is for the struggle??? What struggle????? This generation has struggled against NOTHING!!! Nothing but their own incompetence, attitude and bad judgment. Mary J. Blige may be a star - but I don't for a minute believe she is still waving that tired old "struggle" banner. Get a life "F U Haters."


And the Streets is where her ghetto ass should be! Standing on a street corner. You can have Mary along with that Hip Shit Hop music.


I loved Mary J Blige performance .. This is HipHop Soul in it's finest .. People forget that Mary is for Hip Hop Soul movement .. I know she's got Pop Star status.. But she's for the Urban ears ! She's for the streets ! She's for the struggle! All you light weight music critics.. Listen to Adele and her fake British Soul music.. she's for you !I'm mean the world is licking her c.l.i.t already, like her music is groundbreaking! PLEASE ! Leave Mary to us.


First of all Mary j. Blisters is d queen as for y'all dumb np brainers that love Beyonce non singing geting naked ass what y'all use to Mary is d truth and always will be y'all pathetic go Mary bump these nobody's because that's exactly what y'all are. All y'all understand is bootie shaking pussycat popping and men disrespecting women this is why true talents are over looks Mary i got u always fan for life


I like MJB as a person, but I've never been a fan of her voice or songs, but everyone has their likes and dislikes. I thought Shannon should have gone home first.


I thought MJB gave a bad performance last night. BUT, I also found her to have given the contestants great advice for their performances.. I loved her excitement and knowledge; but, like I said, HER performance was NOT good! Sorry MJB.


Mary did an excellent job. Her vocal styling won't be likes by everyone. She's a soul singer. Soul singers are often overlooked. However, Mary is a legend. She's sites as an inspiration to all. From Beyonce to Adele. Mary's vocal delivery in the performance was VERY impressive. She stayed on key & sounded like the record. If you didn't like the performance, you clearly have a one track mind use to some stupid Rihanna shit.


Well..I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Mary J. sounded truly awful..I couldn't wait for the song to end as it made me uncomfortable to watch.


First of all i never liked Mary J. Blige...yukkkk she is sooo from the streets, and i never liked her singing....omg are you kidding me?? she sucks.....and that Jeremy Rosado was not popular with America from the start, that's why the judges let him go....the 2 girls...Elise Testone, and that Shannon MacGrane truly suck....they should have been eliminated, and not even have been picked for this show....Another one who sucks is that weirdo Phillip Phillips....#1 the name is LOL what a freak,....and the way he sings, he makes those weird faces and is always off pitch....get the hell rid of this freak........ugh........................nuf said................


I thought it was horrible.
I have heard of this woman before but have never heard anything that she has ever sung. I see that i have missed nothing. I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal of her. If one of the girls would have sung that song that way she would have been sent home. But I don't like any of that kind of singing- it is extremely boring to me as is, of course, rap or hip hop.