Madonna's New Album: One Huge Guy Ritchie Diss?

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Is Madonna's new album MDNA one giant shot at ex Guy Ritchie?

The icon's eight-year marriage to the director  ended bitterly in 2008. One year later, she opened up to Rolling Stone, admitting the union was "challenging."

Had their marriage not ended, the singer said she might have "thrown [herself] off a building." That's a bit extreme, but it sounds like ending it was best.

Still, is her bitterness at Ritchie on display in her 12th album?

Madonna, who's now dating dancer Brahim Zaibat, 24, has come up with an intense set of pumping synth-pop and electronic dub-step tracks for MDNA.

The lyrics contain the really hard-hitting material, however, and not just in the cryptically titled "I F*%ked Up." There appear to be overt shots taken.

"Didn't have a prenup," she bemoans in "I Don't Give A." On the blistering "Love Spent," Madge cracks, "Would you have married me if I were poor?"

Ouch. Looks like the Queen of Pop always gets the last word. MDNA drops on Monday morning. Will you be purchasing Madonna's latest release?

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No, you're right, Madonna - he wouldn't have married you if you had been poor.He was embarrassed by your music, as I would be.


Madonna is a talentless crone- always has been and always will be. Shocking taste in everything. yuck!


Yeah I just heard it, it's great. I'm really blown away


I will definetly be buying MDNA on the 26th, & from what i've heard it's freakin amazing. As for the 2 comments below, how sad that u have such hatred towards someone u don't even know. U should do the whole world a favour & go & jump off a building.


puke puke, she should have jumped off the building & saved us all from her nasty looks, songs etc. NO she cannot sing & is the worst roll model for anyone. look at the girls today, slutty, nasty, self-centered, egotistical, on & on & on. sluts like this fugly crapper will do anything (that can't run the other way) to get what it wants....


Don't like her. Don't like her looks, music, teeth, face, hair, body etc.
Never did, even back in the 80's and never will. She is putrid. Has she ever made a good song????


This could have just as easily been on the last Britney Spears album. Wonder if it's the same producers/writers. At least Madonna can still sing. Britney not so much.


Madonna is the best. modern woman. do what you want. go out with younger men, do good music, dont listen to what people say. go madonna!!!!

@ joop

Do What You Want, what you want with my body...2014


I certainly will buy. I own everything she has made. I absolutely love this. MADONNA IS QUEEN!!

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