Louise Watts, America's Next Top Model Contestant, Storms Off Stage in EPIC Meldtown

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Louise Watts made America's Next Top Model history this week.

During the judging portion of the episode, the 25-year-old Brit grew irate over the panel's comments, threw a fit, stormed off set in a profane tirade and did not return!

Tensions boiled over after a tense sequence of events in which Louise refused to change hairstyles, then later lost it during Kelly Cutrone's critiquing of her.

What transpired at the end left the judges - Cutrone, Tyra Banks and Cat Deeley - nearly speechless right along with ANTM contestants and viewers alike.

Watch the video below and see the meltdown for yourself:


I'm a proud Canadian. Lover of ANTM. Neighbour to the US, Grandchild of the English and so therefore am completely biased to the teams. I like a few girls from both teams. I am SHOCKED to see people defending Louise. Common now, she cannot speak to A. Elders, and B. PR reps like that. How can any of you be defending her behaviour. My friends and I all wanted her to come crawling back so that she could be personally kicked off by Tyra. If I ever talked to my boss like that she would walk me straight to the door. And thats in CANADA! That was completely unacceptable. Dont get me wrong... Kelly does not seem like an easy person to work for, but criticism is needed in that industy, and if Louise cant take it, then find another job sweet heart. Love ya Tyra and team. xo


And also.. I have never liked that little fat woman with the sour face, and i have absolutely no idea who she is?! Maybe its because i am from Europe, but seriously, she seems to be the kind of person who enjoys having power and use it to pick on people on purpose. She just gives of a very very negative and angry vibe. Not at all like Tyra, who can be harsh, but never condescending or mean.


I thought Louise was a bit dramatic, but ultimately she was right. That way the little fat woman approached her, not explaining to her why she was saying what she did, her tone and her overall body language was just so rude and she basically just ordered her around. There is a huge difference in how you approach people, and the little fat woman def didn't approach her in a very constructive way. Instead of ordering and telling her off with "DON'T RUN HERE", she should have just calmly called her over and said in a more nice tone "Hey, I know it can be a bit stressful on sets, so please dont run around because it can create more stress for everyone including yourself, if you try and stay more calm you will feel better as well" or something like that. CLEARLY she said nothing of the sort, and you can be damn well sure that the editors of the show cut of all the worst parts of the judge's behavior, and threw in the worst parts of Louise and cut it in the most unflattering way for her.


Louise demonstrated strength in taking a stand against Cutrone and the entire corporate mantra of the show. While Louise needs a little help at times with her taking a position, in this case she was in the right totally. --- Cutrone adds zero to the show and should be fired. There is absolutely no need for that kind of roughshod and value-subtracted behavior. Enough of the tough scene and wanting attention. Cutrone needs professionalism and she should practice it before advising young models how to behave. While the seasoned panel does give good advice to models taking criticism other times, they overplayed the party line, defended their judge when so out of order and blew their credibility. They should have balanced the criticism and intervened on behalf of Louise, instead of caving in to what happened. The panel was all responsible for the screw-up and Louise is vindicated in this instance without a doubt.


Not digging this Cutrone witch and she's probably loving the attention by us hating her. Lets face it. We had no idea who she was until The Hills came out and now she's pushing herself on our TV screens as a PR know it all. Seriously lady try being a human being for a change and see where girls like Louise is coming from. If not, get your mug off the sceen and stay out. Oh yeah and that video you posted mocking Louise. DISGUSTING! Highly unlikely Tyra will take it down. She needs Kelly for "PR help," with her Modeland book.


Cutrone is a real *^&%&%&%&%&%*&%&^%^%^$@##@! she went over the top with the model, treating her like a child, why can't the model run, come on ridiculous. I have been watching ANTM for many many years and this is the first time I can't stand watching a judge. Get rid of CUTRONE!


criticism is a front for letting others rip you apart, oh but its constructive critisim., really? How can it be constructive( building up) when the person is left devistated. Its destructive. It was clear she was feeling insecure, vulnerable at that instant. being belittled infront of our peers, its soooo helpful. All they had to do if the intention was to be constructive, and actually help Louise was recognise the fragility of the moment, and build her up, acknowledge her effort and praise her on her beautiful photo, anything else should be done privately if at all. Remember she is away from home, senses and emotions are heightened as they have been placed in a combative environment. They set her up, that girl was the best one there, the stupidity of the judges, that was the problem. Her attitude is what creates these great photos

Wv peach

Bravo to Louise! I stopped watching this farce a long time ago because of this very reason. Tyra and her guest hags all seem to have enormous levels of catiness and condescension towards the contestants. I don't blame Louise for her outburst (that Kelly chick is one ugly woman).