Louise Watts, America's Next Top Model Contestant, Storms Off Stage in EPIC Meldtown

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Louise Watts made America's Next Top Model history this week.

During the judging portion of the episode, the 25-year-old Brit grew irate over the panel's comments, threw a fit, stormed off set in a profane tirade and did not return!

Tensions boiled over after a tense sequence of events in which Louise refused to change hairstyles, then later lost it during Kelly Cutrone's critiquing of her.

What transpired at the end left the judges - Cutrone, Tyra Banks and Cat Deeley - nearly speechless right along with ANTM contestants and viewers alike.

Watch the video below and see the meltdown for yourself:

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I am so fed up with the comments about "go back to be with like minded brits". It has nothing to do with where she'd from. Do I really need to start mentioning psychos Americas produced?


>Taylor88. I totally agree with you. Please Louise, get on over yourself and put on your big girl panties (or knickers). You did well running back to mama where you can be mollycoddled and where your fits and arrogance will be tolerated. You might be considered a super something or other across the pond by like minded Brits but you will never make it in the real world of modeling. You've obviously never watched ANTM or Kell On Earth or you'd know how hard Kelly works to make the most of her protégés in a cutthroat world. Maybe try catalogue modeling.


Louise was right the little twit was being rude if Tyra wants her viewers back she should have the fat lady apologize and never come back. I mean i was very disappointed that Tyra took the fat lady's side and by the way WHO IS SHE?! Louise has potential and now all the agents that want her would just look at that video, image is a big thing. TYRA I WANT LOUISE BACK!!!!!


I loved ANTM up until this season. Kelly Cutrone has rendered the show unwatchable for me. She is truly ugly on the inside which means I am no longer a viewer of the show. Her sickening, bullying YouTube video was the last straw for me so I deleted ANTM from my DVR.


I think Louise was right for storming off . I would have done the same thing. That Kelly Bitch was way outta line. And what happened to the good judges??? Where's J Alexander? Where's Twiggy? Where's Janice? Bring back the old judges that actually had something good and relevant to say, and tell that fat bitch Kelly C. to fuck off!


I watch this show on and off. I have to say the large lady with the sour face was VERY rude. I am sure that I would have done the same thing as Louise. I am mean Loise didn't like Americans, but I think that the show should have never pitted one country against another. WHen the lady started chewing out, not once, but twice for running on the set..I was like WOW..gross. She seemed a little jealous.


I agree that Cutrone was way out of line and should apologize not only to Louise, but to everyone on that show. As far as I can tell, she shows extreme jealously issues for all of the young women on ANTM. Tyra really should let Cutrone go. I can not see where she is an asset to that show's team.


Get into 2012 - you don't tear someone down just to try to promote them back up - what is the point to that. Positive reinforcement is where it's at. Plus who came up with this bad challenge idea? These girls are suppose to be running for ANTM - who cares if they can lead a team - they are suppose to be beautiful - that is it!!!
Unfortunately KC looks like she was really picking on the UK team - especially the team leader- I'm surprised she did not leave too.
I think that the whole concept of the US vs UK is destructive and unappealing - especially right now - do you really want to promote more rivalry in the world - especially against the US?? Let's think of something more positive.
Plus let's not forget that there are tons of models that have their little hissy fits - and become even more famous for it !!!


I feel that Louise was justified. Kelly Cutrone told her not to run and that was fine but then she had to go back and repeat her scolding. Louise was respectful and did not go off on her which she could have. Why don't Kelly talk to the team leader for running prior to Louise running. I would think it would be hard to take advice from a person who does not present herself in a very flattering way. It is like going to a dog groomer for hairstyle advice.


@Taylor88 To add to your comment - Elders and PR reps should not speak rudely to others either! That was not leadership on KC's part, but classic textbook bullying, including the threatening follow up video with the PR minions. Good on you, Louise!