Louise Watts, America's Next Top Model Contestant, Storms Off Stage in EPIC Meldtown

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Louise Watts made America's Next Top Model history this week.

During the judging portion of the episode, the 25-year-old Brit grew irate over the panel's comments, threw a fit, stormed off set in a profane tirade and did not return!

Tensions boiled over after a tense sequence of events in which Louise refused to change hairstyles, then later lost it during Kelly Cutrone's critiquing of her.

What transpired at the end left the judges - Cutrone, Tyra Banks and Cat Deeley - nearly speechless right along with ANTM contestants and viewers alike.

Watch the video below and see the meltdown for yourself:

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Taylor 88, i completely disagree with you. Here:
In Episode 1803, Kelly Cutrone was rude and condescending not only to Louise, but Annaliese. Yes, it is important in this competition that the judges give constructive feedback and for the model to learn from it, but think about the way it was presented - this to me shows the signs of a BULLY and I am saddened that ANTM is showing young girls that it is OK to be mean and rude, just because you are in a position of authority.
(Anna Boyechko)


Why would ANTM have someone so completely unattractive with awful hair, doesn't have a clue how to dress as Kelly Cutrone as a judge? I find her so obnoxious just can't watch this cycle of the show.


Kelly is quite rude, but that's how a lot of people are in this business (and might I add that is probably how Kelly became so successful) and just like Tyra said Louise is the model and is supposed to learn how to take criticism with charm. But instead all I saw was a little bit of an ugly tantrum because she wasn't given the praise she obviously thought she deserved. Really get over it. The photo was lovely and she's a fantastic model, but has the most ridiculous attitude. She should be grateful to have another chance, and she just threw it away and made herself look mad on tv. I'm sure she regrets that considering most people in the modeling industry will probably judge her by this now.


Ok. Seriously, what was this BS?
Louise was more than right to walk away. That Bitch Cutrone was stupidly rude to her, and to all contestants from Britain, for that matter. Louise was the one trying to make the group's shoot work, and also pulled off an amazing photo. She was stressed out, but who cares? Why does that matter to that stupid fat bitch of a judge anyways?
Cutrone needs to leave the show! This was just ridiculous! I hope Louise sees that anyone with a little decency is clearly on her side. I really appreciate that she told the judges off, and left the competition. I hope she has a great career, because she doesn't need those stupid people to go further as a model!


omg guys are you serious. I think Kelly is the best thing that happened to this show. Finally, someone is actually being real and judging realistically. Who cares about Lousie she needs to grow up. Good thing she went home her attitude was unbearable.


Power to Louise Finally someone who stand up for herself and not taking bull from nobody,even if your a "pr". Louise was right


that ugly piggy kelly is a deviL! she's a bitch from nowhere..she acts like she's the superior of all.. why dont u just bother to fix your teeth and your yucky fats! lol. ur the one who is so fuckin rude! fuck off ugly bear! ur out of the line.. well as louise, shes a great model! its ok, that she stormsoff! love you louise! i wish ur still on the ANTM..


Worst season of ANTM!!! concept is bad, kelly cutrone is unbearable!! I really wish before Louise left she would have put Kelly in her place about what a horrible horrible horrible person she is; and how RIDICULOUS she acted towards her on set. THERE IS NO EXCUSE IN THE WORLD FOR KELLY TO ACT THE WAY SHE DOES, and yet people continue to praise her for being such a successful bad ass. Ugh. I cant stand it. You do not have to be a child-like cranky bitch, to be a strong, powerful, successful woman. SHE IS SUCH A BAD ROLE MODEL FOR WOMEN. GET HER OFF TV! Too bad, I liked louise, but this season is so terrible, its good she left.


Well that was good for a laugh- the first time I tuned into this show was this episode, and I must say hats off to Louise for not putting up with what are relentless, condescending judges comments, from ugly cow has beens - I agree with many of the above comments in so far as it seems like the fashion industry is run by plastic people, who for all their bravado about treating everyone respectfully, should take a good long look in the mirror before criticizing others, and focus on positive critiques rather than cutting, and really unnecessary ones. The judges are power tripping, and quite obviously cannot get enough air time for themselves - good for Louise for finally putting the judges in their place for a change - now that's assertiveness. You go girl!!!


that kelly sucks! shes so rude,, she should have not done those kind of words to anybody! nobodys perfect.. louise is so good! i really like her,, that bitch kelly uuuhhh!!! hate that round face!