Lindzi Cox on The Bachelor Finale: Maybe If I Skinny-Dipped More ...

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Lindzi Cox feels no animosity toward Ben Flajnik for rejecting her on The Bachelor finale Monday. That said, she did get in a nice dig at Courtney Robertson.

"She was nude a lot," Cox said today on Good Morning America.

"Maybe if I went skinny-dipping I wouldn't be here with you."

Despite being sent home at the final rose ceremony (below), the 27-year-old development manager says of Ben Flajnik, "I wish him nothing but the best."

"At the end of the day, yeah, maybe it was really tough on me for a little bit, but he made a decision, it was what's best for him, and I respect that."

"When I watch it on TV, I could see why he's with [Courtney Robertson]," she added. "They really did have a solid connection throughout."

The jilted Bachelor contestant didn't appear on the After the Rose special Monday, as she felt Ben and Court had too many bigger issues to address.

"Ben and Courtney came out and it was pretty emotional ... I think it was tough for them. I'm in a good place. I don't really need closure," Cox said.

"I think Ben has bigger things to worry about... I'm in a good place. I learned a lot about the experience. It's awesome. I would totally go do it again."

Will Ben and Courtney last?


This girl Lindzi was a cute girl, but nothing upstairs in the brains department.....In the end, she actually said herself, that she knew she wasn't going to be picked....How could she even say how much she loved this freako Ben, when she didn't even shed a tear, after he rejected her, and she was in the helicopter....Usually they talk, and their was not comment from her, and she wasn't even on the "After the final Rose" show...WHAT GIVES' THE STRANGEST SEASON YET....I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER ONE OF THESE SHOWS AGAIN......UGH.............WHAT A TOTAL TURN-OFF...


I think Courtney and Ben diserve each other. He had a second chance to walk away & he chose not to. His mother and sister must be embarrassed to think they believed Courtney was so innocent. I can't help but wonder why he didn't have Courtney jump out of a helicopter, or climb Golden Gate Bridge, or bunge jump. He probably thought she was too frail. Well, Honey, her clinging ways will get old, and you will one day realize what you passed up.


Lindzi showed a lot of dignity when Ben broke the news that she wasn't the ONE. I believe her when she says she is in a good place. She probably feels that if Ben was truly interested in someone as vapid as Courtney, she (Lindzi) is much better off.


Lindzi, how lucky are you? Is the entire show a "fake". For the producers to allow Courtney's awful behavior to continue throughout the show is deplorable. Once again, we are teaching the next generation "poor behavior" is really okay! In the past, I found the show entertaining to see who would win. As the mother of 4, I will no longer be watching this nonsense and hope many of you will do so as well


Lindzi is probably in a good place because she has realized from watching the show back how lucky she is Ben didn't choose her! She does seem a tad bitter towards Courtney but I think she chooses to portray herself positively. She was sooo chipper it seemed like she was trying so hard to be SUPER positive to turn all the negatively surrounding the show around. Nothing wrong with the girl :) I think she is very classy!


He was no PRIZE so they deserve each other. And as for EMILY as the next Bacherlorette thats BS....she WON her season of the Bachelor and didnt deserve a second chance. They must be getting desperate for contestants. Be interested to see how she does making out with all those men when she was so adamant about setting an example for her daugheter. I like her in the Bachelor now shes just another "Fame"


So Lindzi says she's in a good place....WOW frigin Courtney must be rubbing off on her....That was a weird statement to make the hell can you be in a good place, if and supposedly you were sooooooooooo in love with this weirdo,,,,GUESS WHAT YOUR JUST AS WEIRD AS THEM....I WILL NEVER EVER WATCH ANOTHER SHOW OF THE BACHELOR OR BACHELORETTE.....I CAN IMAGINE HOW STUPID EMILY WILL BE WHEN HER SHOW COMES UP IN MAY....IF SOMEONE PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD I WOULDN'T WATCH THIS CRAP EVER...........NUF SAID.....


I've never seen the show......and after reading about what goes down on that show I probably never will. The woman who acts like the biggest psychotic freak wins.....but don't let her potential/future husband see that side (until he watches the show). Pathetic. They won't last.


Thank goodness, that's over for another season. Now I know why I quit watching about two years ago. Bring on Dancing with the Stars!

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