Leah Messer: Paranoid After Getting Jumped

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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is said to be paranoid and living in fear after getting jumped by three girls and roughed up pretty good outside a movie theater.

In the wake of her heartbreaking miscarriage and a reported rough patch with her fiance Jeremy Calvert, she's now dealing with the aftermath of the attack, too.

It went down in Elkview, W. Va., in a movie theater parking lot on February 19.

What a Messer

“The women started screaming, ‘Look, it’s that bitch from Teen Mom!’” a source tells In Touch, adding that the she-thugs followed, cornered and beat up Leah.

Left with a bruised face and chest, the emotional scars are worse.

“Leah’s now terrified to leave her home,” the insider says. “There are just so many haters lurking out there. She's living in fear for herself and for her twin girls."

Back off, thugs. Violence is never the answer.


Is what Leah did disgusting immature irresponsible and wrong ? YES ! But that gives no one the right to be jumping her that's crazy she's not the only person in this country who's cheated on her husband. People take reality television way too seriously !


Why JUDGE her! People make mistakes but it doesnt give you the right to throw punches at her. Just because its wrong dont give you the right to call names!! SO STFU stop talking shit about her they are all under alot of pressure also with everything going on and btw Corey is no fucking ANGEL either!!!!


I don't think people should be calling Leah names, or jumping her! Honestly people should't throw stones because they just might be living in a glass house just the same!!! I'm not saying that cheating is right, but at the same time you can only take so much from someone. Yes there are two sides to every story! Think Leah is a good mommy and she dose a great job of taking care of her twins. Not every thing is Leahs fault!!! (HE THAT LIVES IN A GLASS HOUSE SHOULD NOT CAST STONES) yea what come around goes around. Treat others as you would want them to treat you!!! Leah you are a great mom and way to pretty to be with someone like Cory!!!!


I really was hoping they would work things out,i love them together. No one deserves to be beat up but i do think she did doom their marriage, marriage is based on trust and love, and she broke the trust before they even said their vows. There wasn't much hope at all. However people make mistakes and even if they didnt make it and are not great together as a couple they are BOTH good loving parents and thats very important.


Good grief! All the people who are judging Leah need to STFU and go look in the mirror! Everyone makes mistakes.... That doesn't give anyone the right to physically hurt someone and it's sure doesn't give anyone the right to justify it! I hope the cops find out who hurt Leah and bring them to justice!


That's funny - Elkview doesn't have a movie theater.


Spouses cheating on each other happen everyday all over America (not that I condone cheating) but if you hate on one girl who cheated and you want to jump her you might as well find every girl who ever has cheated and jump them too....only God can judge!


Maybe people wouldn't hate her so much and want to jump her if she wasn't such a cheating whore and so terrible to her ex husband. What goes around comes around, right Leah?!


There is always to sides to the story, we are only hearing hers. I used to think that Leah was the only sane one on TM2 but i lost all respect when she cheated.


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