Lawsuit Alleges Rampant Paula Deen N-Word Use

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A racial slur against President Barack Obama is just one of the many explosive allegations in a bombshell lawsuit against Paula Deen and her brother, Bubba Hiers.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Georgia on behalf of Lisa Jackson, a past employee of Paula Deen Enterprises. Among the stunning allegations in the lawsuit:

"In the presence of Ms. Jackson and a vendor, Bubba Hiers stated they should dispatch President Obama to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico so he could n***er-rig it."

The lawsuit also claims that Deen herself used the word in front of employees:

Paula Deen Pic
The President of the United States

According to the court documents, Jackson was appointed by Deen to handle catering for Bubba's wedding in 2007, and asked Deen what servers should wear.

Paula's alleged response?

"Well what I would really like is a bunch of little n***ers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days."

"They used to tap dance around. Now, that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn't it? But we can't do that because the media would be on me about that."

The documents state that Jackson became GM of Bubba’s Oyster and Seafood House in Savannah, Ga., which is co-owned by Deen and Bubba, after the previous GM (a male) apparently got fired for having sexual relations with the servers.

Deen allegedly said in a meeting, "If you think that I worked this hard to lose everything because of a piece of p**sy, you better think again, and now I'm going to do something I have never done I am going to put a woman in a man's job."

Jackson was given six months to turn the restaurant from a failure into a success and she did so, by doubling the profits of the restaurant.

However, she alleges she was sexually harassed by Deen's brother, who, amongst other accusations, routinely viewed pornography on a computer in a small office he shared with Jackson. "Bubba Hiers is a frequent customer of porn sites.

In the small office he shared with Jackson, "it was impossible for her to avoid pornography," the lawsuit states. Hiers also asked Jackson to "bring pictures of herself when she was young for him to view," the lawsuit alleges.

And, the suit continues, "At a weekly manager's meeting that included Ms. Jackson, Bubba Hiers brought printouts of an email that stated ‘Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal,’ and showed pictures of women having sex with women."

"Mr. Hiers proceeded to pass emails around the table for everyone to see. No outrage was expressed and no action was taken in response to his behavior."

After five years working at the restaurant, Jackson left in 2010 because, she alleges, management did nothing about her complaints of sexual harassment.


What a PIG these people are if they really talked and acted this way. If he was on the porn sites at work, they will be able to find out. what a shame that hard working people helped make this restaurant better for them and they got treated like CRAP.


We have arrived to an age where there is no privacy of any sort. Our phones are spied upon, our schools and food stores have cameras, and words in print are now all censored. If Paula and her brother said or did something as wrong as claimed in a lawsuit then why in God's good Earth didn't we hear about it before. We have become a censored human where all is forbidden and if I insulted anyone by the use of the word God then stop using paper money for in God we do Trust and Paula is just as human as you and I. For to "err" is human and to forgive is Devine and I am sure the person who is sueing Paula wants all of Paulas "in God we trust" without doing any work.


I'm not shocked that Paula Deen is a racist (look where she lives) but I don't get why she stayed for so long. And the n-word double standard is a problem. She should have sued them years ago simply on the basis of sexual harassment.


why did this woman WAIT 5 years to sue ms.dean if she felt this way about her and her brother?....i see it as just trying to cause MORE problems for paula, as she's still riding out the storm of her health issues......if your THAT upset over something, you DON'T stay in a job and you DON'T wait to sue....this is a JOKE. alisa


@joi You are way over the top! You had to pull in Obama! That tells me you have a political agenda in commenting. At this point it's all "she says". Do you know the meaning of the word "allegation"??? Hmmm? Who are you to judge Ms Deen until the facts are all out????? Shame on you!


to Joi. And the word bitch is okay? That is a female dog. So exactly which word is the worst here? Here in South Africa black people have a derogatory word for whites. Do we care? Nope. But woe to the white man who uses the K word, which really comes from the Arabic for non-believer. THEN, you absolutely lose your job and you become the scourge of the country. Thousands of farmers get murdered every year by black people. I hardly reaches the press. But one person uses the K word, it's splashed across the front page of every newspaper. There is something bitterly wrong in this world. I don't get it at all? What is wrong with everybody?


this is total b.s. people should be allowed to say whatever the hell they want to say without fear of being sued, especially in their own business. this lady wasn't SO disgusted if she stayed 5 YEARS!! just as several posts stated, it seems ok to use "the N word" in music and movies etc., and people GET PAID to do, if bubba wanted to look at porn in his OWN office, in his OWN business, bubba should be allowed to looked at porn. as a woman myself, if sexually graphic material was "passed around" (which i doubt), i would be WOMAN enough to say something right then and there if i was offended (which i wouldn't be). this is a lawsuit from an individual who wants money...plain and simple. AND as for any person who didn't think sweet, paula didn't have a nasty bone in her body-give me a break!!


the problem is, paula, is using the n word, as hateful and mean.......she's a racist, bitch, who like so many other racists assholes can't stand the fact that our PRESIDENT IS A BLACK MAN!!!!! get over it!!!! geesh!!!!


@guest I agree with you. BTW, what's the chances of a "cd" like that coming out in a few months on I-tunes? I could use some new songs on my I-pod!


Why am I not at all surprised by this? I have felt all along that Miss Paula was just too "nice" to be real.

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