Lana Del Rey Plays "Video Games" on American Idol Results Show

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SPOILER ALERT: It was not a good night for Erika Van Pelt on Thursday. This American Idol hopeful was sent home after a disappointing Billy Joel cover the evening before.

But what about Lana Del Rey? Did she redeem herself on one of the country's biggest stages, after she so memorably flopped on another (Saturday Night Live)? In a word: meh.

Del Rey simply might not be suited for the live stage, considering how breathless she sounds at times and, yes, just how boring she comes across as a performance. Make like Randy, Steven and J. Lo and judge for yourself now:

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I think its halarious how jealous you haters are of her! LMFAO Grow up. If shes not your cup of tea then dont look up her videos and watch them hahaha dumb asses XD


She is not a brilliant singer and appeared to be quite nervous during the performance. Did she write this songs? Her deliver was not bad. I do like the song very much. She sang it well and with emotion. She has a great/classy style! Not bad.


Lana Del Rey 's performance is kind of authentic...the more I listen to it the more I have grown to like it...this gal is a real talented song writer. Guess she will make it regardless...


Any of the remaninder idols left could sing her off the stage, she is TERRIBLE!!! She should have been history about the SNL flop????


They said it was a number 1 hit in 20 lands?!How can I say in 20 languages her performance and song sucks immensely?


She sang so badly, I can't believe this song is popular. What was she doing on A.I. anyway?


I just watched the show last night in Indonesia time.
I really don't know who she is.never heard that name before.and when she performed....ohhh no her voice is so terrible..maybe if she take american idol audition, she won't get the golden ticket


Nancy - her daddy is rich. "Lana Del Rey" (aka. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) is much like a Veruca Salt: "Daddy, I want a record deal! Daddy, I want to be famous! Daddy, I want lip implants!" It's all FAKE. Very insulting to all of the talented performers out there who never get their big break simply because they aren't rich. Welcome to American Aristocracy!


How was this song a number 1 hit?? More like a bottom 60!! HA


Couldn't believe she was on a show like Idol! Any one of the contestants can sing her right off the stage without even trying!! She sounded like such an amateur; really don't understand why they had her on the show.