Lady Gaga Without Makeup: Revealed!

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On the eve of her 26th birthday, Lady Gaga has posted a very cute photo of herself with no makeup on Twitter. The singer was born THIS way ... or something.

Of all people to see with no makeup, Gaga - a young woman famously known for her wildly outlandish outfits, elaborate hairstyles and creative makeup - stands out.

Half the time she's got a lobster or slab of raw beef on her head, for that matter. Casual opportunities like this - one of our new favorite Lady Gaga photos - are rare:

Lady Gaga Without Makeup

She's on a self-imposed media blackout, but that doesn't mean she's not in touch with fans. Monday, Gaga tweeted the au naturale self-portrait via Blackberry.

In the pic, Gaga's hair is in a casual ponytail with a flower pinned behind her ear, and her body clothed in a loose tank top. She looks quite ... approachable.

The Lady has always bolstered her already considerable talent with the sense of unity she projects to her fans. A superstar who's like all of us, so to speak.

Pictures such as this and random tweets about watching Monday's episode of "Drag Race" certainly make her seem like a normal, down-to-earth gal.

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Yes she is one very UGLYASS girl and I think she is spot on when she calls herself a "mother monster" BTW is gaga a man or a girl? Cuz I heard she's got some little 'thing' between her legs, well it doesn't matter!!! Because she is UGLY as h*ll even by a man's standard so STFU gaga AKA.The ATTENTION SEEKING WHORE


She has plenty of makeup on in this picture and the lighting is manipulated.


ew dude wtf. keep the make up on.


I love u gaga u r pretty Inside and outside I am going to meet u gaga in 9weeks at you're concert:):):0omg existed


I love Lady GaGa, Her music and voice are outstanding. Just wish she didn't have some outlandish outfits, like meat and gross stuff. Otherwise I enjoy her songs.


Good for her. Beauty is truly skin deep and I love her willingness to be true and real and just herself. Ride on lady GaGa. You're beautiful. Inside and out.


Look at all the horrible dark sex fantasies she sings of and shes not beautiful on the indside or out. Look like a crackhead to me


Hey there autum!! Glad you can see us!! Lol. Shes not pretty.

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