Lady Gaga Without Makeup: Revealed!

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On the eve of her 26th birthday, Lady Gaga has posted a very cute photo of herself with no makeup on Twitter. The singer was born THIS way ... or something.

Of all people to see with no makeup, Gaga - a young woman famously known for her wildly outlandish outfits, elaborate hairstyles and creative makeup - stands out.

Half the time she's got a lobster or slab of raw beef on her head, for that matter. Casual opportunities like this - one of our new favorite Lady Gaga photos - are rare:

Lady Gaga Without Makeup

She's on a self-imposed media blackout, but that doesn't mean she's not in touch with fans. Monday, Gaga tweeted the au naturale self-portrait via Blackberry.

In the pic, Gaga's hair is in a casual ponytail with a flower pinned behind her ear, and her body clothed in a loose tank top. She looks quite ... approachable.

The Lady has always bolstered her already considerable talent with the sense of unity she projects to her fans. A superstar who's like all of us, so to speak.

Pictures such as this and random tweets about watching Monday's episode of "Drag Race" certainly make her seem like a normal, down-to-earth gal.

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Quit bein so mean to her!! She is an amazing artist, looks amazing with makeup, and looks amazing without! The only reason you people are saying those things is because YOU ARE JEALOUS OF HER. Oh, and Amber? Go drop off the face of the earth. I bet you're the most jealous of her! You make up that crap and then expect people to believe you. And one more thing, I thought the article was pretty mean too. And if ANYONE tries to be mean to me, I will send a whole army of Little Monsters after you, and we will find you.


she looks better w/o the makeup


well for me.. lady gaga is the famous singer artist at all, and i realy realy like her so much! even though i ddnt attended her concert here in manila philippines,i still love her no matter what happen.. i will never ever forget the name lady gaga!!!!!!!!thank you guys? and i loveyou all??lol and please! do not show to the mother monster that,you are fighting in this site... becus mother monster will get sad tu us guys.. ok? show something that lady gaga wil love? cuz she loves us? she loves her lil monsters.... thank you and god blesssss


Gaga is soo prety but now without makeup is :/


Lady gaga was WAAYY pretty when she was in high school :( Wearing makeup alot can ruin your face...


I didn't mean she looks bad w/ out make up, just saying she looks better with make up


Obviously she wont look good with out make up! (not to be rude) but when girls wear make up 24/7 it messes up their natural look.... Especially teenage girls because they have acne and putting make up on your face will only make it worse. As for grown women, my father knows a girl who mest up her face by wearing too much makeup.


umm well i dont want to be mean but u dont look ur best with no make up BTW stop wearing those weired oufits i love ur songs and ur beautiful but the oufits like sirecly cut that out with all the hula hoops and meat and weird stuff that show all the things that other people shoudnt otherwise i love ur songs and keep up the good work but update ur oufits ad just be yourself kk


MY GOD...what attacked her face..or was she "born that way" spawn of satan...KILL IT BEFORE IT BREEDS!!!!


Quit dissing Lady Gaga. No ONE looks "great" without makeup. She looks very pretty, and in no way ugly. Plus, she's being brave, doing this. She isn't hiding under miles of makeup. SO DON'T THROW ROCKS WHEN YOU YOURSELF LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE.

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