Kristen Stewart as a Vampire: First Look!!!

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Earlier this week, the first photo from Breaking Dawn Part 2 hit the Internet. And it may have been a close-up of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, but let's be honest: It wasn't really all that revealing.

Fortunately, a new image is here to rectify that.

Taken from a feature on the special DVD handed out last month during a Twilight Saga-related event at Target, we've now gotten our first glimpse at Bella Swan as a vampire. Check it out below:

Bella as a Vampire

"It's strange," the red-eyed, pale-skinned Bella tells her husband in the clip from which this shot is taken. "Physically I feel like I could demolish a tank. Mentally I feel just drained."

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 hits theaters on November 16, 2012. Check out a sneak peek at the final installment now!

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she just looks more stoned than usual.


The still doesn't looks good because it's off the sneak peak that was presented on the date that video came out. It looks like someone took the photo while he/she was watching it. I saw it in person and Bella looked much better that the still. I am sure that she will look beautiful.


I honestly don't think she looks good in this still as a vampire. She looks sick. She looked so much better and natural looking when she opened her in the end of Breaking Dawn part 1.


I am really looking forward to watching this final enstallment in November when it comes out! I have read all the books several times and I own all but Part One of Breaking Dawn. Really looking forward to its release.


I am looking forward to the opening. I loved the wedding scene. It reminded me of my own wedding. I left a specific lifestyle and walked into a different world. The fear was exciting. But I never doubted my husband's love. I'll be there opening weekend.


The wedding scene in the first part was so depressing. If I was getting married and the girl was walking down the aisle with that look like marrying me was making her want to vomit, I would tell her to just turn back the other way. I can't imagine how having no heartbeat will make her a better actress. She has sucked in every movie I have ever seen her in.


I cant wait for november,I don't care what she look like I just want to see the movie and what the baby will b like and what about her father when he sees his Bella....


I will wait for the movie to see what she really looks like~ I don't think this is what the "final cut" will look like.


Wow, she just got uglier, I did not think that was even possible. Also, how could she possibly look more bored as well? Always, every single pic she just looks unenthusiastic. Worst actress ever who has been sensationalized into an idol? Pretty sure yes.


looks like a thin version of Kat Dennings.

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