Kris Jenner: So Proud of Kim!

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Kris Jenner is acting like both a mother and a manager in light of her daughter getting flour bombed during a fragrance launch in Los Angeles.

The Kardashian matriarch took to her blog yesterday and commented on just how well Kim handled the unusual incident, writing:

"I am so proud of my daughter for handling this situation so professionally and with such poise!.Kim wasn't phased by the attack and simply walked away from the red carpet, brushed herself off and headed right back out!!"

Kim actually is now considering pressing charges against the culprit, who was detained and released and NOT hired by PETA, that awful organization insists.

Jenner then concluded: "Thanks to everyone at Lighthouse Beauty and The London Hotel for such a fantastic event, and for handling the situation so well."

Ah, yes, there it is: the plug. Kris likely made thousands with that sentence alone. Are we sure the Kardashians didn't orchestrate this attack?


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Kris Jenner: So Proud of Kim!
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I've just been waiting for the "Gluten-Free Society" to come out and try to take credit for this incident! (PETA my foot!) You know Kim turned the G-F S down when they asked her to be a spokesperson. They wanted to get her on gluten-free diet--get a good share of that BIG BOOTY of hers reduced and then put her in a sleek, tight gown and have her tout the wonders of a healthy, gluten-free diet. But....Kim remaining true to herself said, "No way am I gonna give up my Krisky Kremes for that lot!" Insiders say actually the Gluten crowd failed to meet her money demands. Oh, and she insisted on a clause that allowed her to eat all her favorite red velvet cuppy-cakes on the side as long as she was never photographed doing so! (Yeah, this IS insider information--TMZ/Nat'l Enquirer/HG eat your heart out!) Ha!


That is such BULL! kim AND kris were both shouting "OMG! THAT FUKING BICH!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THAT FUKING BICH! THAT FUKING BICH! GET THE COPS HERE NOW!" You can hear it all on the tape. This family is so fuked up and are ALWAYS lying and claiming to be "proud of eachother" for all the wrong reasons. No one icluding kris came running like they say to rush kim away to "safety". kim stood there w/ her head down and started walking off the FAKE RED CARPET created by them for their own sale of rat poison which they charged the attendees $180 per person disguized as a charity event. The cause didn't receive but a small donation from them anyway. The karTRASHians have no soul (if you didn't already know that) to deceive so many people over and over. Grrrr.


I think this was orchestrated by them. She took that way too calmly. Anybody remember all those times on her "reality" show where she freaked out over stupid shit? Ex. 1- The earrings
Ex. 2- When khloe woke up her up I don't need to list anymore lol


Kris Jenner is such an idiot/pimp!!! If my mom were alive and saw something like that (the flour throwing incident, I mean) happening to mom would be OUT FOR BLOOD!!!!! I am starting to believe that the whole flour drama was orchestrated. To me, this is further proof that those KAR-TRASH-IANS will do ANYTHING for attention, entertainment and publicity. And, by the way...Ali3...I TOTALLY agree with you!!!!! Most of all, I wonder if Kim is gonna include the flour throwing incident as extra footage (or whatever) when she makes her next sex tape????? LOL!!!!!


Watch the clip on TV- they play it over an over. When this slut is getting the Powder poured on her- Kris is in the left side of the Clip- she never moves! Any Mother would come running in Defense! It was staged! What a sickening group of people.


This is the woman who freaked out like a 3 year old when Kris ruined one just-manicured nails Who also cried and ran off (again, like a 3 year old) when she lost her diamond earring. So one tends to assume that her no-panic reaction to being doused by an unknown substance (at the time) is pure bulls**t!! Every moment of this silly fool's life is orchestrated down to when and how to smile. Please, even with the threat to bring charges is crap. She won't do it -- and this whole cause celebre will die down like her undeserved popularity.


They should had thrown a big bag of shit on all of them. Fuck off Kris Jenner and instead of rubbing estra on your twit try some shit


two thumb up for kim :D


It was probably orchestrated. Even if I was some big time movie star or something,I would've freaked if I got flour bombed. Kim K took that wayy too calmly, which just makes it...unreal.

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