Kris Humphries to "Set Record Straight," Attorney Says

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Like his play on the court, Kris Humphries is getting aggressive in his legal battle against Kim Kardashian, as a lawyer for this NBA power forward has released a statement regarding his client's stance in the ex-couple's impending divorce case.

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    Kris Humphries to "Set Record Straight," Attorney Says
    Now tell me it's not real!


    Really I just think that Kimberly is such a whore!Haha I feel sorry for her stupid ass. All that money she has, and will never have anybody to share it with. Simply because she has been around the block, and no one will ever take her serious, another thing she let's get mom run get life, they are both the same like mother like daughter! That whole family is full of shit and well they are all shit! None of them are talented. I really do hope Kris gets his way because we could all tell that she was just concerned with the money and with the game. Well you stupid bitch, you are divorced! For the second time lmao! And you are getting old you fake as slut!




    This is one fame gold digger. This dudeis just doing all that shit to get some more fame.. before kim noone knew who the eff he was. He just wants to become more famous. Well he's not. Cuz for one he's just after kims money & two he's wack basketball player.. yo kris some word of advice hope of kims d***. And I'm def not on kims side. I don't like her either.


    Kris try to date a Nigeria gurl D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ av brain n good home training... They cherish their husband so much pls leave white gurls they are all D̶̲̥̅̊ same...


    You go kris GET her WHERE IT HURTS her POCKET BOOK


    Kris isn't doing this for publicity. It is about time that he does set the record straight. Ever since she filed for divorce and he didn't go away like a good little boy and not mind be made a fool of, that family has done nothing but release false stories and fake QUOTES from him to make him look bad. If you are able to understand how pr machines work, it is so clear what they are doing. However, if you believe everything you read, then the Kardashians are winning. If you ever noticed, sites like TMZ never actually quote him, they could be sued for that. Rather they say,"Sources say" or "friends say." Never anything directly quoting Kris so they can't get their azzes sued. He doesn't need Kim's money. He is having a record breaking season with the Nets and will command much more than the $8 million he's making this year alone. He has talent and a future unlike the porn Superstar.


    Here we go again Kris Humphries is a total damn idiot ass cry baby. I'm so frigging sick of reading about his poor me shit. As for as I'm concerned he she stayed with his stupid ass too long. It's no damn wonder Kim left his stupid ass. If she did get $18 million I'm glad she got it and hope his dumb ass doesn't get a damn penny damn whiney little bitch.


    Everytime I think I see just how far Hump can go for this "divorce" ànd to keep his name in the media, be stoops to a new low.and now he has his attornies backing.him. its a good.example of if the money is rite, an attorney will do anything. Kris Humphries is a sick disgusting pig.


    Really hoping for an annulment so that the pre-nup stipulation that he not say anything against Kim becomes void. Kim has certainly had her say while editing her show to put Kris in the worst light possible. The entire Kardashian "brand" is trash, but particularly Kim. Cannot stand this woman, and her merry-go-round wedding/circus was so over the top. She imagines herself to be Hollywood royalty, from her silly little reality show. If the court does not annul the marriage based on Kim's fraud, I can only hope the divorce court sequel to the show will be televised as well - they don't edit that just to make one person look bad. Sorry, Kimmy.

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