Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Show Me the Money!

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While anonymous quotes and ridiculous tabloid headlines make it difficult to take any feud between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries seriously, there truly is a legal battle being waged here.

The latest salvo: Lawyers for the Nets power forward have filed documents in court that ask a judge to force Kim's hand; or her bank account, as the case may be.

Kris Humphries in a Hoodie
Kim Kardashian, Post-Meal

Humphries contends that Kardashian is obligated to disclose all assets and liabilities accumulated during the couple's 72-day marriage. Translation: if decreed by the court, Kim will be required to open up her financial records, making it clear just how much the pair banked from its union.

Most of this legal conjecture stems from Kim donating twice the value of her and Kris' wedding gifts to charity earlier this month. Says a lawyer for Humphries:

"A spouse may not make a gift of community personal property, or dispose of community personal property for less than fair and reasonable value, without the written consent of the other spouse." 


I really dont get peoples hate in their comments. thats why the world is in the fighting, crime shape its in. Be Adults in your comments. First if you watched any of the reality tv show about kim and kris, you would have seen that kris is a selfish, self centered, baby, he had no respect for anything. I dont blame Kim for dumping his butt. Now the money made from the wedding, the honeymoon, the publicty photots in the magazines, if he has not been paid his fair share of it, then yes he is entitled to that. as for the gifts, wow, gee kris, be an adult, she gave them to charity, wow, ok she made it known to make herself look good, wow, we all do that, if we do something good at work or home, we want people to know. i mean what does kris want to do auction the gifts and split the money, gee


Sharon, I agree with you and I am a women also. Men yes, I am attractive, smart, blessed and educated. So we are not hating. Just stating our opinion.


All, this works both ways. Women does this all the time to men and its acceptable. Kris deserves everything he is entitled to. some of you all are caught up with good looks. You play with fire and you get burn. Besides its the law and his legal rights.


Listen stupid.Kim only married Kris to make money, she got a twomillion dollor ring and all those gifts that were half his
And she made 18,000,000 dollies on the
Wedding.she married only for profit and
Earrings. Give me a break.


Kris better watch out with that hoodie on! =)


used to be on his side on the relationship/divorce issue, but if he's gonna make this about money, he's lost huge points with me. they never even had property together... just fricken have a noncontest divorce and get it the hell over with! you shouldn't make bank off this Kris. get on with your life!!


seyi is making terroristic threats


kim is so hot she is the hottest female on this planet that face and body i would worship her24/7 come to vegas kim and let me worship you, you are a TRUE GODDESS lasvegas lou


Oh please, he needs to growup. They didn't even make it three months. What is wrong with this guy? What kind of a loser would drag this out? He was a loud mouthed condescending ass from day one. Furthermore the gifts didn't HAVE to go back or be given away. He needs to do what he did for the whole marriage. Worry about bouncing his little orange ball and workingout. What an ass


Up kris, to kim: got to hell, both man and woman are equal, don't play smart with your stupid TV show. BEWARE am coming with my own powder+egg, mark my word

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