Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Show Me the Money!

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While anonymous quotes and ridiculous tabloid headlines make it difficult to take any feud between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries seriously, there truly is a legal battle being waged here.

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    Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Show Me the Money!
    Ain't it the hottest thing?
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    Den faktiske tilbake h?len del av selve fott?y er faktisk h?yere denseness,
    for ? suge opp s? mye som tjueto% mye mer overraskelse, zapatillas asics reduserer spenninger samt stress plassert p? dine egne viktige leddene


    LOLOLOLOL Serena\'s havin too much FUN, I dont think she gives a fuck about tennis and ciaioiftfng anymore. She\'s pretty much accomplished everything in tennis NOW really HAVING A BLAST!! WOW!


    how many human beings make this kind of mistake and what mistake did she do if kris ask for anything she should be able to give account pls do not give kim a pat in the back for something wrong


    Honesty if the roles were reversed and Kim was the one trying to get what's owed to her would ppl be telling her to cut her losses and move on. When your married what u make during your marriage as "partners" is shared between u 2 (including wedding gifts given to the happy COUPLE) that's marriage and when u get a divorce what u made is divided between u! The law is the law and right is right it should not just be one sided. I have nothing against Kim or Kris but honestly Kim is definitely trying to get over on him! Smh


    With all things considered, Humphries should cut his losses and move on. I'm all for getting what's rightfully yours but is he really hurting for the money or does he want to hurt Kim for falling out of love or whatever it was they shared. Sure, Kim DONATED their wedding gifts. Does Humphries really want to take away from a charity just for more financial gain? These 2 really need to grow up! Damn celebrities, sometimes they value money more than they value their own well being. Kim was nobody special 'til Ray J made her this Reality Icon. Humphries is the nobody special until Kim came along and jump started his celebrity status. Funny how life works.


    i'lve the kadashian,please stop blaming kim she is justa human being like everyone of us,


    Go Chris !!! Go, Go, Go. --- Do whatcha got to do. Take her for all that you can get, she has enough of it. She Nasty!!!


    I have a feeling that most of the comments made here are by haters of kim kardashian! We're all humans and make mistakes. If she didn't feel comfortable with the marriage after 72days, whose business is it? People are siding kris humphries. He proposed to her. And if its a joint account, then she can't do anything without his consent, so what's the fuss???? Please, let's put ourselves in her shoes! She also has feeling! I love the kardashians!!!!


    I hope he destroys her.

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