Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Return the Wedding Gifts!

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Kim Kardashian has turned the wedding gifts presented to her and Kris Humphries into a $200,000 check for the Dream Foundation, actually donating twice the amount of these items' value to that helpful organization.

Kase klosed, right? A gesture that even Kim's harshest kritics (hi there!) kannot find fault with, right? Wrong.

Humphries is reportedly steamed over the act, acknowledging the charity donation is nice and all - but believing the gifts should be returned as well because they were for a fraudulent wedding, sources tell Us Weekly.

Moreover, an insider tells the tabloid that Kim's decision may have even crossed legal lines.

"By court order, they are not supposed to do anything at the moment until the marriage is dissolved completely and they both decide how everything will end up," says the source, adding that Kris is not in possession of any wedding presents. "She is violating court order by saying she is not returning them."

What do you think Kim should do with the gifts?


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Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Return the Wedding Gifts!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
Have fun


its a pity it didnt workout but hey if it was not meant to be it was' is not meant to be given whether the relationship worked-out or keep tha gift dear


Usually, women are suppose to keep wedding gift, I really do not knOw why kris is asking for the gift4. Another thing is for kim to learn how to complain and not keep mute to any problem concerning her relationship with people. There are some people u'll avoid complaining about but u can't avoid your man because men are sometimes annoying. You just have to be patient. a


Pls kim ignore does who said u should returne d gift.a gift is a gift & it yours they should be happy that u gave some money 2 charity.if am the one i won't give out any thing i dnt care if u call me a stay strong my dear it will be over soon


Kim is sooo annoying and fake. Everything she does is so b*tchy and pathetic. Poor Kris! Kim wants a family and a 'perfect' wedding so bad she will do anything! She probably only married him because his name starts with a K.


They're suck GREEDY BITCHES! ALL OF THEM! ~ they know that they'll get tax break on the donation and will also make out on the items themselves, not to mention that they ONLY pay 15% taxes everyone else pays upto 35% (sneaky bitches!) ~ but they don't fool the smart folks out there who know their type! GREEDY MONEY DIGGERS THAT I HOPE NEVER REPRODUCE!


Kim needs to give back that 2 million dollar engagement ring! Etiquette demands it, but then, whoever said KK was a bonafide lady??


This woman will not go away..!!! Like does she not get it!!!!!!! Everyone doesnt care for you..quit trying to get attention,and stay out of the spot light! And just give your gifts back! Gosh! From celebs from ex fans diss her so why does she continue to do publicity stunts!


Kim is a famewhore and they should get their gifts back.... Why after all this time shes deciding to do something!!??? Maybe bc shes desperate and wants attention.... Just give the damn gifts back!!!


Kims a joke!!!! Cant wait till kris takes her fake ass to court!!!!!!!!!

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