Kris Humphries: Pay Up and I'll Shut Up!

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are set to do battle in divorce court, but the NBA power forward has a message for the sex tape star:

Pay up and I'll shut up!

According to TMZ, Humphries is demanding $7 million in exchange for his silence and a clean, simple, non-scandalous legal split. Otherwise... he'll do his best to expose Kim as a lying manipulator who scammed both him and the public into a sham of a marriage.

The Former Mr. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian in LA

There are a few hiccups in Kris' plan, however:

  1. He signed a pre-nuptial agreement that guarantees him nothing.
  2. He made over $1 million off the wedding and its related TV special/photo opportunities.
  3. He also made well into the six figures off his appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The guy just signed an $8 million/year contract with the New Jersey Nets, to boot. If he wants to win any PR battles here, Humphries would be best served to tell his lips to do the opposite of Kim's legs in that video with Ray J:

Remain closed.


Kris has already said he didn't say this! TMZ is own by the KKK clan!


Kris knows they will never pay him that much or nothing at all if they can get away with it. I hope he destroys them in the court. They are devils who used him and they may have temporary success now, but the day is coming when Kim K and Kris Jenner will pay bitterly for using God's sacred ritual, matrimony, for profit. It may take a long time
but one day she will have to apologize to Kris Humphries. I am sure of it.


if i were kim i would never give him any money if kim could survive d sex tape all over d world can survive anythng,beein seen makin love s d worst humiliation a human bein can ever go thru


Actually, sorry to break it to you all but the girl is a friggin genius.
She's managed to place herself in a position in which she makes
A ton of money not doing anything really other than looking good.
This girl truly understands that this world very much revolves around
Sex. She pimps her own vagg and she does a mighty fine job. Now
I in no way would discribe Kim as a "true lady" or a women of much
class but the girl is beautiful and she makes it work to her advantage.


So what who carea


Really, who cares about these two knuckleheads! Both of these people have millions -- and they're still arguing about money. GO AWAY!!!


the 7 million is not what he wants. he asked for that much in hopes she would fight it out in court, so everyone can hear the truth. he is playing with her and knows as stingy and money hungry as they are they would never settle for 7 million, althou they did offer him an amount and he turned it down. its all a way to have a full trial for divorce.


Give Kris the money. Kim is just a slutty skank who used Kris in order to get more attention. She messed up his life so she should pay up!


They are all a bunch of money whoremongers....Think about it, WHO in their right mind would marry Kim in the first place????


NO ONE CARES!!! Stop posting stuff about this fake lard ass. Maybe if you stop, shell go away.

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