Kirk Cameron on Today: I Love All People!

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Kirk Cameron appeared on The Today Show Tuesday and discussed the recent controversy surrounding his anti-gay views ... as well as his new movie.

The former Growing Pains star says he's surprised at the reaction to his interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, while insisting he meant no harm.

Asked if he’s guilty of hate speech, Cameron reiterated his past defense of his comments, saying, “Absolutely not. I love all people. I hate no one.”

Cameron said that he, too, was being bullied by destructive speech in this case, and debate over social issues shouldn't be reduced to sound bites.

"I was surprised, frankly, that people were surprised by the things that I've said," he explained. "I have been consistent for 15 years as a Christian."

"I'm a Bible-believing Christian. What I would have thought was more newsworthy is if I had said something that contradicted my own faith."

"When you take a subject and reduce it to something like a four-second sound bite or a check mark on a ballot, I think that that's inappropriate."

"To edit it down to that, it certainly didn't reflect my full heart on the matter."

Curry asked Cameron if he felt his remarks could encourage some people to bully gays. "Nobody should mistreat anybody," he insisted.

"We all have our convictions formed by different things. Mine are informed by my faith. They're formed by the word of God, and I found that to be an anchor for me."

"When people start bullying one another and calling each other names for those different convictions, then I think you get into problems."

Cameron appeared on Today to promote his new movie, Monumental, a search for the soul of America in which he stars and co-produces.


As we all know Jesus asked us to Love one another. He didn't ask us to approve of things his word say's are not right. Read the bible, Ephesians 5 & 6 there you find how God want's us to live. We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Thank you for your son Jesus Christ, and his blood that covers me.


Who cares what he said.. he is an "has-been" "former star" who has not worked in main stream TV for a long time. He just another right-wing hater who wants everyone to beleive like the Christains doo. The majority of marriages in the US end in divorce that is a destruction of society!


I wish the gay community would know that God is beginning to move His people (true born-again Christians) to reflect His love for them without compromising His truth! As a Christian I have been given a lot of love for those who are gay despite the fact that I am hated by the same because of my views. Please know that Christians do love you and if we don't agree with your lifestyle, it's not because of hate :)


I think the main thing is he has freedom of speech like every one else in America. As well as others talk about their opinions bad or good towards Christians, Muslims, races, the military, gays and others, when ask Kirk has the same right to express his opinion. Why are people offended by anyone of us being asked and answer truly what we believe. He wasn't trying to stir people's feelings to one way or another but his opinion, his view as he was asked. I too believe like Kirk does however, it doesn't mean I hate gays. I have gay relatives and friends and I pray for them, for God's love and mercy to keep them safe and they know my views but we have learned to listen to each other opinion WITHOUT condemning each other.


It's sad when you love people and differ with their life style choices it's made to be hateful by media and fringe groups. Why is homosexual community against other views. Jesus died for our sins and people hate Him. Kirk must be doing his christian life right. Jesus said, " if they hate me they'll hate you. John from Philly

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