Kirk Cameron on Today: I Love All People!

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Kirk Cameron appeared on The Today Show Tuesday and discussed the recent controversy surrounding his anti-gay views ... as well as his new movie.

The former Growing Pains star says he's surprised at the reaction to his interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, while insisting he meant no harm.

Asked if he’s guilty of hate speech, Cameron reiterated his past defense of his comments, saying, “Absolutely not. I love all people. I hate no one.”

Cameron said that he, too, was being bullied by destructive speech in this case, and debate over social issues shouldn't be reduced to sound bites.

"I was surprised, frankly, that people were surprised by the things that I've said," he explained. "I have been consistent for 15 years as a Christian."

"I'm a Bible-believing Christian. What I would have thought was more newsworthy is if I had said something that contradicted my own faith."

"When you take a subject and reduce it to something like a four-second sound bite or a check mark on a ballot, I think that that's inappropriate."

"To edit it down to that, it certainly didn't reflect my full heart on the matter."

Curry asked Cameron if he felt his remarks could encourage some people to bully gays. "Nobody should mistreat anybody," he insisted.

"We all have our convictions formed by different things. Mine are informed by my faith. They're formed by the word of God, and I found that to be an anchor for me."

"When people start bullying one another and calling each other names for those different convictions, then I think you get into problems."

Cameron appeared on Today to promote his new movie, Monumental, a search for the soul of America in which he stars and co-produces.


@ jack
As far as I know, Kirk Cameron became a Christian some time later, that is after he was in the tv series of Growing Pains.


But it was Ok for Rosie O'Donnell to bash Christians on TV, not once, but twice, right? When Pope John Paul II died, she rejoiced over it in her blog. And she wonders why no one wanted to watch her TV show. Then you have TV shows like "House" where one character describes Jesus as "schitzophrenic" (Yeah, they wouldn't dare say that about Mohammed!) and Christians are made to look stupid and ignorant, which is why I no longer watch the show. I am sick of the hypocrisy in America! Everyone talks about tolerance and respect, but when it comes to Christians, they are anything but tolerant and respectful. The way the media portrays Christians is EXACTLY the way the Nazis portrayed the Jews.


"Conservative Christians, over the centuries, demonised and massacred millions of Jews and homosexuals and everybody else who believed differently." Chris Vogel, that statement alone is hate speech, and an outright lie, based on nothing more than your own ignorance, hatred, and prejudice.


@Cheeky Yes, I agree with you. Kirk has a right to stand by his religious convictions.


How in the world can you vilify a guy for speaking his mind in America. This guy has a possitive attitud for himself and others. I'm discusted in the way this interview was conducted. Leftist media calling people with different views "haters". I agree with Kirk on some things and disagree on others, but think he is OK. Go Kirk, be yourself. You seem to know better than to let this trouble you. Good luck with your movie.


My son is gay.... it is not what Kirk said but that sound bite. They twisted what he said and made it sound terrible. He stood by his religious convictions and he should.


But it's ok for gays and everyone else to bash, name call and make fun of Christians? Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean you are a hater. Same thing the libs do when you don't agree with obama, they call you racist. what I hate is all the hypocrisy


Being religious doesn't disqualify you from being a bigot or your beliefs being irrational, malicious, ignorant hatred. Conservative Christians, over the centuries, demonised and massacred millions of Jews and homosexuals and everybody else who believed differently. It may be that all religion is not bigotry, but Cameron's certainly is, and it is despicable. And, obviously, his claim that his comments were somehow distorted, is a lie.


Isn't this the same guy who played Mike Seaver on Growing Pains and used to bang playmates by the dozen at the Playboy Mansion? What an asshole... 'Judge Not' dickhead!


Very well said Elias! :)

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