Kirk Cameron on Today: I Love All People!

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Kirk Cameron appeared on The Today Show Tuesday and discussed the recent controversy surrounding his anti-gay views ... as well as his new movie.

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    I heard one time tht there was,a,protest,where ( supposedly ) christians were holding up signs saying GOd hates homos well I am christian and its people like the ones holding those signs who gives us real christians bad names , bc,if jesus hated sinners than what was the point of dying on the cross ? Its ignorant people like those who potray god as loving only straight that are wrong , I am not gay nor do I approve of homos but I love them like jesus does . God does not codemn he saves .


    We all shall see the,truth when our saviour jesus christ who died on the cross for our sin so we can have eternal life comes back , jesus did it for everybody . He who is without sin cast the first stone . God bless everybody which means homos, drug dealers,killers, etc.. No sin is greater than the other . The devil has blinders put on peoples eyes so they see nothing wrong with what they do so we need to pray for each other instead of hate , GOD IS LOVE


    What makes Gays think that their lifestyle is one that society must embrace. the way Hollywood shoves this topic down society's throat all the while pretending that everyone is onboard but a few backwards individuals. this way of life has never been socially embraced throughout and will not transform anytime soon. gays/liberals are one in the same. If you disagree with them they get offended and call it HATE! why don't we all just socially except everything! let's just let everyone do whatever they want! if midgets want to have sex in an intersection then god forbid anyone be biased against the little people.


    Truman the world is overpopulated and they adopt many unwanted infants. So I am sick of hearing how gays do not procreate! Stop shoving your hatred down gay's throats They're here, they're queer.....get use to it!!!!


    I'm sick 2 shit of all this gay right talk. There is a flow in the reproduction of life! Man + Woman = child- and the circle of life continues. The fact that same sex cannot reproduce should easily explain the fact that there is a problem with this arrangement that is being shoved down the throats of Americans. If your gay then shut the Hell up and be gay but don't expect the Country to change its veiws or LAWS to accommodate your ass!


    There's a difference between expressing your religious conviction regarding the gay lifestyle and "bashing"! Many Christians will say, "My faith tells me this is wrong." Rather than, "I am justified in hating gays because of how they live." Christ said, "Hate the sin, love the sinner." That's not being judgmental or else you would have to say that Christ was judgmental. And that has never been a widely held view of Him.


    @Doris.... Your last sentence made you sound like a schizophrenic. Most are sharing your viewpoint so I'm not sure who you're talking to, the voices? I don't know the best of luck to you.


    My,my,my!! Listen to that - all you unbelievers working so hard to be tolerant. Unfortunately your tolerance does not extend to true Christians who stand for their faith. Of us you are INTOLERANT BEYOND BELIEF! But guess what - we Christians don't expect anything else from you. We believe what we do because the Word of God says so. You obviously believe what you believe just so you don't have to believe what WE believe!


    @James.... I find your opinions interesting. I think some of this may depend on where you reside. I live where God is still said in school during the pledge of allegiance. Gays are bashed hard, I tell my son the world is not a everyone loves all place. If it isn't one thing, it's another.


    I stand corrected- according to Wikipedia, it was during the tv series, Growing Pains, when Kirk Cameron became a Christian. I read that after Kirk's conversion to Christianity, that he desired for the show's lines to be "stripped of anything he thought too adult or racy".

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