Kirk Cameron on Homosexuality: Unnatural, Detrimental and Destructive to Society!

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Kirk Cameron's recent comments to Piers Morgan on gay marriage and homosexuality in general - he's not a fan, to put it mildly - are causing quite a stir.

Cameron, a born-again Christian, said on Friday's show that he does not support gay marriage, and when it comes to homosexuality in general, he said:

"I think that it's ... unnatural. I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

Piers then noted that if one of his sons told him he was gay, he'd say it's great as long as he was happy, and asked Kirk how he would treat such a situation.

Cameron responded that he'd talk to them about the "issues" we "wrestle through" in our lives and encourage them not to act on everything they feel.

He also criticized Piers for trying to "define" morality. Pot, meet kettle?

Herndon Graddick, Sr. Director of Programs at GLAAD, says Cameron, a Born-Again Christian, has views more dated than his Growing Pains character.

He calls Kirk "out of step with a vast majority of American, particularly people of faith who believe their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters should be loved and accepted based on their character, not condemned because of their sexual orientation."

GLAAD plans on monitoring Cameron's media bookings to ensure "the news and entertainment industry is aware of his outrageous anti-gay views."

Cameron has also taken on Stephen Hawking and Darwin in recent years. Spoiler alert: He doesn't subscribe to those guys' views either.

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