Kirk Cameron on Homosexuality: Unnatural, Detrimental and Destructive to Society!

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Kirk Cameron's recent comments to Piers Morgan on gay marriage and homosexuality in general - he's not a fan, to put it mildly - are causing quite a stir.

Cameron, a born-again Christian, said on Friday's show that he does not support gay marriage, and when it comes to homosexuality in general, he said:

"I think that it's ... unnatural. I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

Piers then noted that if one of his sons told him he was gay, he'd say it's great as long as he was happy, and asked Kirk how he would treat such a situation.

Cameron responded that he'd talk to them about the "issues" we "wrestle through" in our lives and encourage them not to act on everything they feel.

He also criticized Piers for trying to "define" morality. Pot, meet kettle?

Herndon Graddick, Sr. Director of Programs at GLAAD, says Cameron, a Born-Again Christian, has views more dated than his Growing Pains character.

He calls Kirk "out of step with a vast majority of American, particularly people of faith who believe their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters should be loved and accepted based on their character, not condemned because of their sexual orientation."

GLAAD plans on monitoring Cameron's media bookings to ensure "the news and entertainment industry is aware of his outrageous anti-gay views."

Cameron has also taken on Stephen Hawking and Darwin in recent years. Spoiler alert: He doesn't subscribe to those guys' views either.

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Kirk was exactly right in what he said. It is time we put political correctness aside and speak the truth. If you don't agree with these faggots then they say you are out of the main stream. How could anyone think twoman having sex is normal and not sick.


@Robert, you are exactly right. I hate to think Kirk would disown his son or preach him straight. I feel for the children that go to their parents just to be kicked out. I'm sorry but bible thumpers do pick and choose which parts of the bible they intend to use in everyday life.


I don't understand the whole "don't judge people" but then judge someone for being gay, THAT is a HYPOCRITE. I am a Christian, and I don't care what anyone has to say about this but I don't go to church all the time because every church I have ever been to has been full of hypocrites. I don't claim to be a perfect Christian by any means, but I can't stand someone who believes they are a good christian because they go to church, then go home and do everything the bible says not to do. Such as judge people. If someone wants to be gay, LET THEM it is not your life to worry about!


Kirk Cameron has never been on the top of my list as an actor, but as a human being he has a right to an opinion just like anybody else. If you claim to be a Christian, but say that you support homosexuals and lesbians you're a hypocrite and Kirk Cameron has openly confessed to being a born again Christian. I am also a Christian and frankly speaking, I'm tired of hearing about heterosexual people who have a different belief than the 'majority' (most of whom are followers who are afraid or ashamed of having a thought or opinion of their own for fear of being ridiculed or criticized) having to make a public apology whenever they refuse to accept or support homosexuality. Honestly, I agree with everything that Mr. Cameron said and I'm not apologizing to anyone for believing what I believe!


Does it really affect mr cameron if gay people grt married? With most marriages these days ending in divorce, what makes gay marriage any worse? Holy rollers, be concerned with you own lives, not everyone else's. If god has a problem with something, god will take care of it.


So the entire world has to agree with the rights that GLADD perscibes to? Everyone inclding Kirk or any Christian has the right to agree or disagree. He was asked questions and expressed his truth. I would much prefer that and respect it VS the closet haters and GLADD constantly pushing thier opinion at everyone. We don't have to agree for us to co-exist we just have to respect and live productive lives. - GET OVER IT - Everyone has a right to thier own opinion, it doesn't mean you have to agree wih it.


Not a damning write up of the Kirk interview then! (English irony) Why couldn't Kirk have a heart to heart with son? Nothing mentioned in interview about how he would respond to a gay outcome -so that view is unknown. Piers did take a 'moral' stance. It was different than Kirk's and therefore judged Kirk's attitude. Good journalism. But Kirk's correct criticism you have 'tainted','biased' now against Kirk in the write-up blog. Well good for you. But I didn't hear Kirk say he wasn't a sinner and that he personally had a morality that condemned anyone. I heard a view based on the Bible. He wasn't questioned in this clip any further (or was he and it's been cut?) so we don't know about his love for our gay bros and sisters. Is GLAAD the present day McArthur of America? USA-Land of Silenced Lambs.


GLAAD is a bully and a hypocrite. They are what they claim to despise:bias,intolerance and BULLYING. Their tactic to anyone who dares speak out publicly against their agenda is to destroy them. News flash to GLAAD: You can love someone who is gay and disagree with gay marriage and still support traditional, Biblical marriage(look it up). So,people of faith who disagree with gay marriage and lifestyle should just accept it regardless of what their faith teaches? If you don't and dare to speak out,you must be destroyed. Who is the bully and the bigot? What is next for GLAAD are they going to target and silence the pastors who dare say that marriage is between a man and a woman because the Bible says so? What about the millions of people of faith that disagree with him? Are they just haters and unenlightened bigots? What about the Bible, are they going to rip out the non gay-friendly pages?


Too bad for Kirk Cameron that he feels this way, even about himself. There have been tons of people talking about how Mr. Religious goes cruising in LA parks. Once again, another hypocrite is in denial. If he admitted he was bisexual, then not only would he be less bitter, he could help other people realize it's okay to be who you are.


Kirk is a coward. I say now clearly and boldly with the bible as my guide. "Homosexuality is an abomination to God and humanity" Why did you think God destroyed an entire city? Homosexuality was one of the major sins committed there, that's why. Next time, dont stumble Kirk, say it bravely "Gay marriage in WRONG in God's sight" Judgement day will prove me right. Beware!!

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