Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian Model Swimwear, Pose for Your Vote

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Kim Kardashian has shaken off the flour and put on the bikini.

Earlier today, Bruno Schiavi - the co-creator of the Kardashian Kollection Swimwear line; i.e. the man who actually did all the work while Kim, Khloe and Kourtney stood on various red carpets around the country - posted a photo to Facebook of these stars in designers bathing suits, adding the caption:

”First look at our new Kardashian Kollection Swimwear campaign! The girls look incredible!!!!!”

Kardashian Kollection Swimwear Pics

The beach and pool attire will be available at Sears for anyone who, for reasons that defy comprehension, wish to resemble one of the Kardashians.

And, of course, the image got us thinking: Which of these sisters would you prefer to get your Ray J on with? Vote now:


Btw..who said anything about liking anorexic lookin chics? Thats just nasty. kourtney and kim arent really thin thin..but they both look damn fine.


Oh calm down ittybittytitty..i love curvy girls lol just think its funny how khloe always has to cover up when being compared to her sisters..bent rod? U must be quite the looker..


Khloe`s dad is OJ Simpson. Poor girl. Worst mom and dad n the world.


Do they sell full swimsuits also. All the girls look beautifull. U go girls...


Oh, D-Rod...bite it off! Not everyone can or desires to look like an anorexic in the advanced stages! What are you...AFRAID of a woman with some curves? Hmmmmmm? Scared she can wrestle you to the ground have you cryin' like an 8 yr. old girl?????? Big-boned rocks, bent rod! I am thin and wish I could have curves, but it's NOT in my genetic makeup to be anything, but thin! When I see men's eyes carefully comb over a curvy woman's body it make me feel so inadequate! And most guys I catch staring at women AREN'T lookin' at the thin types for sure!


I thought kourtney was pregnant?!?


Of course khloe wears the swimsuit for big girls lol too bad her mom had an affair with another man..her real dad mustve been big boned

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