Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries Kourt Kase Update: Kalling All Lawyers!

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Kris Humphries doesn't need a lot of help on the basketball court. This power forward was fifth in the NBA last season in rebounding.

But the former reality star is currently seeking assistance in divorce court, TMZ reports, as his Los Angeles attorney recently dropped out and California rules require a Minnesota attorney to be accompanied by local counsel.

Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, will be represented by Laura Wasser, whose roster of past clients includes Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

Kourt for Kris and Kim?

As for Humphries' trial hopes?

“Kris would like there to be an admission that there was fraud, that there was a malicious intention by the Kardashians to use Kris and to make money and benefit themselves from him,” a source tells Life & Style. “He wants them to publicly admit that they never intended for it to be a real marriage.”

In other Kardashian-related tabloid news: Kim is totally (NOT) planning to adopt!


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Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries Kourt Kase Update: Kalling All Lawyers!
Guys, dont work your right hands out))
Good luck!


But seriously what is it to tell???


I bet KK is so ready for this divorce to b over. She originally offered him 2 mil to get the divorce done and he tuened it down. Now he is demanding 7 mil. Hopefully he wont coome up w/something else to demand from her. He signed the prenup willingly and she didnt mqke him proppose to her. The Bank of Kardashian is closd. His 5 min of fame r over.


Its funny that you all got so much ish to say but you clicked here to be all in her business! you must like something about her! if you dont like her, dont buy her products, watch her show, or her sex tapes! sex in natural... we all do it! Kris is not a victim! who was he before he met kim? He asked her to marry him, he obviously used her for relevence! He should be a man and walk away with what he came with. Bottom line, if you dont like her why are you wasting you time reading tabloids about her? while your reading her stuff...Shes getting paid! she cant be that stupid!


so far kim has done every thing but walk the streets for a buck. and i bet she would do that if her bank account got below 20 million !!


i watch a lot of t.v. and all kinds of shows including the kardashians. - khloe,lamar, rob have more sense than the the rest put together, i don't take the shows seriously becuse most of it is scripted.BUT by my own experience I CAN GUARNTEE 1 THING, if KRIS AND KIM DID HAVE A REAL LOVE, MARRIAGE, thing going . in a few months kim would have looked like RIANNA -when married to chris brown kris was rough , with her and geting rougher he would have eventually started hiting and beating her . i know the signs . i don't care for her 1 way or another . but i never saw what she saw in him in the first place . he is the DUMBEST , most ANNOYING, SELF CENTERED, ROUGHEST S.O,B,I'VE EVER SEEN.planned or not 72 days was too long , a few more weeks and she wouldn't have needed all that mascara - kris would have taken care of that .


take her fat ass to the cleaners...


Its funny how their divorce has lasted more than their marriage


So many ppl like so bash want to bash Kim for divorcing Shithead. These ppl dont no Kim or Kris personally. Kris bullied ppl and threw Kim around like a ragdoll clear back to the Bora Bora trip. Why dam her for divorcing him. I would divorce him too. Kris tries to portray himself as this poor victim who is nto the church. Kris ia not a saint. Im surprised that ppl have bashed Kim like tbey have. Moat ppl support a woman for divlrcing a man like that. If Kris divorced Kim, woild ppl bash Kris like they have Kim? Or is this just an excuse to bash Kim?


Stop hating on Kim. Kris H is an imbecile douche bag. I adore d Kim Kardashian.

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