Kim Kardashian vs. Kris Humphries: Who's the Fraud?

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The divorce may be off.

No, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are not getting back together, but insiders tell TMZ both sides of the couple are willing to go the annulment path... as long as the other side admits he/she acted like a fraud during their 72-day union.

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Kim believes that Kris lied when he promised to move to Hollywood, only to then insist the couple settle down in Minnesota.

Kris believes Kim never intended to commit to the marriage and is asking for $7 million in order to keep quiet about details that would reportedly support this allegation.

The source adds that Kardashian is willing to go to any financial length to prove her side in court if it comes to that. In the meantime, she'll just continue to Tweet topless photos of herself.

Who do you think was the bigger fraud during this marriage?


Kim is not fake watch their show u wil see the unseriousness and lack of commitment on the part of kris.


Kim z da fraud one,i hv watchd their reality show,there waz no reason for her 2 get divorce cmply coz sh waz filn uneazy wit growup ua 31 ds ea yet sngl wit no kids,2 bad yu il nt hv even e thng 2 rmbr u when u a gon


Kim is as fake as her hair extensions!


Frankenstein put no effort in his marriage, too busy asserting himself. He moved to Minnesota the very first week after their honeymoon--who the eff does that?! Kim's not perfect but she's smart enough to know when she's made a mistake and fixes it. Nothing fake there.


Kim kardshian is the fake she loves the camera and will do anything and take any measures to get money. I say she was never committed to the marriage all she wanted was extra fame. I mean come on shes already back with reggie whose by the way making her look like an a**. Kim you're 30 grow up be the bigger person and admit ur wrongdoing u know u didnt want kris and stop being such a money hungry b***h come on topless photos on twitter wow!!


Come on now how many men have she been with in a year let alone porn botox and lying about every situation she has been in she jus want to be seen because her sisters are more in the good spotlight than she is kim please stop making a fool of yourself and go back to cleaning closets thats where you belong


I say Kim was and is the fake. This chick loves being on camera. And she is so desperate 2 be "wifed up". Remember she did set a goal 2 be married and pregnant by the time she was 30. Hmmm


Its ashame that people r the way the way the r..


If Kim doesnt want to tell then she doesnt have to
Cant make sumone say sum dey dont want to or make them tlk bout sum dey dont want to


Ha ha I dont give a ... either lol

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