Kim Kardashian Tweets Topless Photo... Just Because

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Kim Kardashian is currently engaged in a rift with Jon Hamm, responding to accusations that she's a "f-ckin idiot" by defending herself as a businesswoman.

And by posting a picture of herself topless, of course, as Kim did earlier this week. Why? Because she was restless, of course!

"Can't sleep tonight..." Kardashian wrote while sending followers the image below. Seriously, how could Hamm possibly think this woman is an idiot?!?

Kim Kardashian Topless Twit Pic

On the actual business side of things, Kim and her sisters released the latest addition to their Kardashian Kollection yesterday: a line of lingerie.

Follow the proceeding link to check out the official ad, which features Kim, Khloe and Kourtney actually donning more layers than the former is showing off above.


i dont hate people but i think kim k is the one i just cant stand
she just gets under my skin...i live in nyc and i play basketball with a friend who knows them..he is a bouncer at a club where she goes. he said she is the biggest idot allways asking for free stuff
at the vip tables. things like do you know who i am....she is sick in the head low iq just watch he on live with kelly as a co host
she could not even keep up with simple banter...


Really? Some of its photoshopped anyway soo...she is sooooo fake.


@deon: ? ? ? ..No Comment.


I think she looks great in the picture. I dont see why people should judge her, lots of celebrities pose for pictures like this.


Women wear less in car and beer commercials nowadays. Who cares that she tweeted this obviously staged photo (She's wearing makeup, and it's perfectly cropped, people). I honestly don't care one way or another. But the fact that everyone is reacting with such hatred for some reason is the very thing that's keeping her in the limelight. She's an idiot, but she's not stupid. She might not have basic common sense, but she's smart enough to get everyone talking about her, which keeps her famous, which gets people to buy her clothing, and perfume, and whatever other products she puts out there. Remember that saying, "There's no such thing as bad publicity"?


I think she's sweet!


They make alot of money from "US(ie.THE REST OF THE HUMAN POPULATION) watching them on OUR television screens, So YES, WE HAVE A VOICE AND WE HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY SOMTHING. We are not just put on this earth to say only nice things about celebrities and treat them like Gods, especially when they have NO DROP OF DIGNITY OR MORALS LEFT IN THEM.


If you cant sleep, put some clothes on. This helps. Sweet dreams.


@Miss B- Kris H is a nice guy that had common sense and some ethics. Its so stupid for you to say that he was a "big baby". Why did Kim choose to go out with him and put him on her reality show, if he was a "big baby???? Maybe she judged him on his looks and proffession-so shallow. I have respect for Kris Humphries, the guy realy went through hell with that nasty stuck up family and yet he still loved his "so called wife" til the end. Its really sick how you support this behaviour. It shows the type of person you must be.


And she wonders why people think she is a moron...keep your clothes on ! it wasn't that long ago she was crying because pics showed her naked...I think she can cry on cue....I'll bet she hasn't shed a real tear in her life...phony !

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