Kim Kardashian to Jon Hamm: You're Careless! I'm Smart!

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It's totally on between... Jon Hamm and Kim Kardashian?!?

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    I've recently watched Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!
    Here's the video: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (uncut version)

    Kim Kardashian to Jon Hamm: You're Careless! I'm Smart!
    Guys, dont work your right hands out))
    You are welcome)


    everyone should just back off kim.. anyway she is an american and all the american girls are whores , and you have the nerve to judge a person.. i am so sure that everyone how commecnted here have tsken naked pics of themselves for their boyfriends..or sex tapes lying somewhere, honestly i think american women have no class , no morals.. and are stupid .., so dont judge kim or point a finger a kim , cos when u point a finger at some1 know that 4 fingers are pointing at you , you stupid girls.... take that


    NEWSFLASH Kim: spreading pussy for a porn vid doesn't make u smart, it makes u a whore!! That is how u got ur start, after all. To marry someone for reality show ratings doesn't make u smart, it makes u a sell out whore! To do everything ur whore mother says doesn't make u smart, it makes u a stupid whore!


    @kenny: pray, because she wont.


    Kim ur a nasty pig. Just go away already. You and ur worthless family.


    Kim just try solve something out 2 avoid your repurtation,I don't want anything 2 happen 2 u.


    What is wrong with White women? They are superficial. They believe everything someone tells them as long as its what they want to hear! They cannot look at tomorrow. If you think they will not pay the price for hooking up "The Brothers" then they are mistaken! It's true - once you go black you can never go back- mainly because your not wanted back. So many stupid WW that think they can just come back if it doesn't work out! It's true/ Stupid is forever.


    I am voicing my opinion, mostly because John Hamm is so right on this matter with Kim. Pretty sad she is always tweeting pics of herself in a bra constantly. God gave her her looks, and she is just selling her body for fame and fortune. Beauty fades, Stupid is forever. You will face your maker some day Kim!!. Not a hater, just stating the obvious!!!


    It's difficult to support Kim, when her writing is so grammatically incorrect. Someone is singular, and "their" is plural. Obviously, she should have written "someone who runs her own business." It's that kind of stupidity that draws remarks such as Hamm's.


    @Dian s:race should not be an issue in finding a partner. This is not about race, but about morals and the content of a persons heart and character-somthing the kadashian clan seems to lack.

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