Kim Kardashian to Adopt?!?!?!?!?!?

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In the world of supermarket tabloids, Kim Kardashian is a very busy young woman.

She's planning to marry Reggie Bush... she's getting dumped by Reggie Bush... she's dating a Saudi billionaire... and now, apparently, she's going through with plans to adopt a child from another country. Isn't that right, OK! Weekly?

Kim Kardashian Adoption Headline

Describing the former sex tape star as "very maternal," an insider supposedly close to Kardashian tells the magazine:

"It's all top secret, but the adoption is already underway. Kim is ready. She's made inquiries and gotten information. Now she just has to decide where she wants the baby to come from."

Hmmm... that does sound like a challenge. Is there any country out there that would actually make a worse home than the Kardashian household?

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nothing else worked (to get her back in good graces with public) so here comes baby. just how far they will go to keep all that money coming in.


Kim Kardashian adopting a child? BEYOND ICKY!!!What in the HELL is this world coming to? And, of course, the rest of those Kar-Trash-Ians are gonna encourage this. Especially mama bear/matriarch/female pimp Kris Jenner. ANYTHING for publicity. I agree with yeah_right!...Kim and motherhood are complete opposites. To me, it's just like that Madonna (another skank) thing all over again...only WORSE!!! Kim needs to forget about motherhood and go back to selling sex tapes. Being a (media) whore is what she does "best"...NOT!!!!!


You guys why are you so mean....After all when the child reaches the terrible 2s stage and drops toys all over are classically designed house and messes up her closet and wouldnt keep quiet on the press of a button..she will return to sender..or disown him/her. Besides I think the child would have to sign a prin-up first before the adoption will be complete...well since it cant write they would have to settle for a foot print!!!!


Maternal? She couldn't step away from her mirror long enough to feed or change a baby. Don't do it Kim just stay selfish and completely self-absorbed because you're so good at it. You and motherhood are complete opposites.


To borrow a line from Mr. T.
I "pity the fool" who want to be a part of that planned parenthood!!


I wonder if Kim will turn to the same 3rd world villages where Madonna and Angelina have "shopped" for their loved ones?


What r u even talking about?i have always wished to be a part of that family.kım can as well adopt me.hahaha....lyk that will ever hpn.