Kim Kardashian, Sisters Sued for Alleged Diet Pill BS

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We can now remove the question mark from this headline: Kim Kardashian HAS been sued for her support of QuickTrim.

TMZ has broken the news that Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are all on the hook for $5 million, as New York firm Bursor & Fisher is representing consumers who believe the sisters duped them into purchasing this weight loss supplement via advertisments and Tweets, such as the following from Kim in 2009:

"Our QuickTrim cleanse will be massive! Khloe has already lost so much weight."

Kim and Khloe QuickTrim Ad

The plaintiffs claim the Kardashians provided no evidence for their testimonials and purposely misled fans into believing this product - which is not approved by the FDA - was responsible for their revamped figures.

As we've said before, though: while the siblings deserve to pay for so shameless selling out - remember when Kim was proud of her curves? - do these folks really expect sympathy for basing their spending habits on something supported by Kim Kardashian?


Who is really dumb enough to be "duped" into buying diet pills just because a celeb tells them to? They're all about the $$$. Those b*tches don't even use that sh*t. They have a gazillion dollars to buy the healthiest food and the best personal trainers!


Khole does not even look like that


ROFLMFAO...Does every one see the Fat (I mean really Huge) ass on Kim..come on now and you still buy a Diet pill...She is low class peeps still jump on her band wagon (plus jump on her, so she can keep in shape for BJ'S~~~


uh ya i am with u on this ccleav if u look verry close to her pic it is deff been cut and pasted on to a another skinney body and for anyone to belive she is this thin is just stupid i seen her on tv the recent show they have keeping up with kardashian and no she is still big not dogging big woman but they get what they decerve


People should STOP BUILDING THESE HOES EGOS! If dumb asses would stop worshipping Kim, and telling her how great and beautiful she is, maybe we wouldnt hv to see so much of tha whore. And, yes, QuickTrim should sue these hoes! They are quick to sue EVERYONE 4 ANYTHING, so, Karma is a LOVELY thing. Seriously, Kim is in LOVE with herself, and she doesnt even care about tha ppl that make her rich. Khloe, on tha other hand, appears to be dwn to earth. She's not tha CUNT thats on tha QT product box. Kim is. I personally would LOVE to see Kim lose EVERY endorsement she has. Lose EVERY dime she has. (her wrking hard isnt WORK) And let her see how tha REAL WORLD has to work an entire YEAR to make what she DEMANDS for her presence at sum bullshit club. ugh, that bitch has NO IDEA how to live without everything being HANDED to her. I'd love to see her try to walk in my shoes. Trifling HOE! SUE THAT BITCH FOR MORE THAN 5 MIL. SUE HER FOR 100 MILLION.


Really?!!!!! How stupid! That Is like me suing Red Bull stating that it wouldn't give me enough Energy!! Depends on body and Tolerance.


Really how stupid can one person be to believe that they would achieve that kind of body without diet and excercise the pills help burn fat but not if you are lazy


This photo is hilarious lmfao,, you know that is not Kholes ya they are not frauds at all...lmfao

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