Kim Kardashian, Sisters Sued for Alleged Diet Pill BS

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We can now remove the question mark from this headline: Kim Kardashian HAS been sued for her support of QuickTrim.

TMZ has broken the news that Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are all on the hook for $5 million, as New York firm Bursor & Fisher is representing consumers who believe the sisters duped them into purchasing this weight loss supplement via advertisments and Tweets, such as the following from Kim in 2009:

"Our QuickTrim cleanse will be massive! Khloe has already lost so much weight."

Kim and Khloe QuickTrim Ad

The plaintiffs claim the Kardashians provided no evidence for their testimonials and purposely misled fans into believing this product - which is not approved by the FDA - was responsible for their revamped figures.

As we've said before, though: while the siblings deserve to pay for so shameless selling out - remember when Kim was proud of her curves? - do these folks really expect sympathy for basing their spending habits on something supported by Kim Kardashian?




if you did'nt watch and like the girls you'ed get a life so quit bitchen or stop watching their show and it won't bother you so much quodo's to my girls LUVS all though there will always be haters


i like how neither of them have necks.


People will sue for anything these days so what their product didn't work there are 1000's of "diet" pills out there that don't work and you do not see everyone suing all of them. People who do not like the Kardashians are suing because they want some of their money. maybe people should get real jobs and stop suing people over dumb $hit.


Ya like the Kartrashians have had results with diet pills. They are really becoming the main joke. Paris must be so happy.


I am so enjoying watching the Kardashian House of Kards krumble!




i think you all should stop hating and get a life if you have a problem no body cares, they're still rich right? so where the hell do u stand and wtf are you doin? they must be doin something right. who cares


Everyone has their own opinion. But I think she is fraud for postin those pics when they're not her. But I have to agree with the one person... Who really thought they'd get that kinda body without excersize & dieting? Come on now. People try to sue for anything now days. Maybe they need to get a job and do some real work to make a living. Just sayin...


What person with a modicum of common sense would even consider taking a pill promoted by these lard ass liars!! A combination of a Photoshopped ad with ridiculous results touted by two fatties who from the other side of their mouths were talking about lovin' their curves. They should be sued for triple that amount. Just keeping them sliding down that drain -- although Kim's voluminous ass will slow down the process.

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