Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb: Kaught on Kamera!

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Kim Kardashian has been flour bombed.

As previously reported, the professional celebrity was doing what she does best last night in Los Angeles - posing on a red carpet - when a young woman ran up and doused her with a bag of white powder later identified as basic cooking flour.

"I'm fine," Kardashian told E! News after the incident. "You have to laugh it off! I brushed off and came right back out."

She also didn't press charges against the culprit, who was detained by police and then released. What does it say that a tiny percentage of the THG staff wonders whether Kim concocted this flap on her own for the sake of publicity and sympathy? Just the obvious, we suppose.

Watch footage from the event now:


@ skinny_minny All I can say a perfect world.


Wow some of you are quick to call people 'idiots' or other names because your opinion differs from theirs. It's pretty easy to call names, much less work than being articulate. I've already said I'm not a fan of Kim. I find her personality to be whiny and fake. Regardless of what 'work' she has had done, she's still a good looking woman. Maybe if she worked on her personality a bit she wouldn't come off like she does. See? No name calling. But hey, if that's the only way some of you can communicate, have at it.


LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! ~ PLEASE SOMEONE, Give it to Kloe next, the BIG FAT-ASS PIG should be next!... then the other one that we can't stand! OH! OH! HOW ABOUT THE FAT MOMMA ONE TOO PLEASE....


Can you say... PUBLICITY STUNT?


It is ashamed that it could not had been a bag of shit!


@skinny_minny...dumbass Do I take it Kimmy's not on your Christmas card list?!? Hahahahaha! Yeah, lotsa work done...lotsa makeup caked on...sooooooooooooooooooooo very plastic. Still. She's in need of a Fan Club President. Could you be talked into applying?????


you my friend, are an idiot. that woman is FAKE as shit and her "beauty" can be wiped off with a towel. DUH. She used to be stunning, but now that shes had sooo much work done (cheeks nose lips tits stomach thighs and ASS) shes hideous.


So sorry swt kim.jst ignore all those.


@ladylee: 'tired, old thirty something arse'? Really? Like I said before, not a fan, but like her or not the woman is gorgeous and doesn't look a day over 25. She doesn't even NEED makeup.


BULLSHIT!!! Who is the executive producer of her show? Ryan Seacrest! and what happen to him at the Oscars? He got ash thrown on him!!! PUBLICITY STUNT!


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