Kim Kardashian: Dumped by Reggie Bush! Dating a Saudi Billionaire!

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So much for a pretend elopement. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have now gone through a fake breakup.

According to Life & Style, Bush has "been seeing" a Kim lookalike, despite the fact that Kardashian believed these two would give it another shot after she divorced Kris Humphries.

“Reggie’s her one true love," an anonymous friend told the tabloid. "He could easily fire things up with Kim now, but he’s chosen not to.”

Dumped by Reggie?!?
A New Man for Kim?

But don't cry too hard for Kim, people! Star Magazine claims she has many other options, namely a Saudi billionaire who gave her his phone number when she was in Dubai last November.

“She wants to be taken care of,” a source tells this magazine. “She’s done being a sugar mama.”

In other Kim news from this week: She's a freak in bed!


Why don't kim manage her relationships like her sister kourtney afterall she is not getting the best from Scott. You wl soon be dropped by the roadside madam


Every1 is too hard on Kim if Kim was a man y'all would b praising and women would still get at him but since she a woman she's condemned so sad but i love u Kim k you are Fab. But i guess Beyonce a role model GTFOH!!


Kim don't worry it is well


Kim is a fat lying pig !!! She and her mom r crazy !!! They LIE about EVERYTHING they are trying to tie her to a good respectable guy since NO ONE would date her.


Kim and her team would make up lies over and over again. They made up many lies about her dating many athlets and tried to fake some of them. Now her target is rich indviduals. Kim is a golddigging lying whore. Saudi men would never date her they would only fuck her ! She is desperate for attention !!!


Habitual lying fat pig.


Kim's Saudi Prince is Billionaire Oil tycoon film producer Mohammed Al Turki poor guy doesn't know what he's getting himself into. He's doing good for himself but she might be pulling him down with her.


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA ! As if that Saudi Guy will marry her !! Dsnt she know that Saudis fuck for pleasure !!??? But they always end up marrying a Saudi gurl !! What a gold digger !


@flha-- That was hilarious!


The Kardashians set back all the ground we have gained as women in the last few decades. Kim, Lindsey Lohan and countless other D lister celebs use sexcapades the minute they think their popularity is waning. I'm surprised Kris Jenner hasn't added Lindsey and Snooki to her stable. After all she's done a great job pimping out her own daughters. In the longterm these faux idols will lose their physical appeal as they age and are replaced by the next best thing.
Unfortunately, they leave no contributions that make the world a better place;rather, they undo so much progress we as women have made over the years. These women are terrible role models and I guarantee if you have a daughter someday, you will feel the same way. As for Reggie Bush, I hope he finds the love of his life...Kim just wasn't the kind of woman whose values matched his own. I'd advise Kim to snap up that Saudi billionaire and move to Dubai.

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