Kim Kardashian: Dumped by Reggie Bush! Dating a Saudi Billionaire!

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So much for a pretend elopement. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have now gone through a fake breakup.

According to Life & Style, Bush has "been seeing" a Kim lookalike, despite the fact that Kardashian believed these two would give it another shot after she divorced Kris Humphries.

“Reggie’s her one true love," an anonymous friend told the tabloid. "He could easily fire things up with Kim now, but he’s chosen not to.”

Dumped by Reggie?!?
A New Man for Kim?

But don't cry too hard for Kim, people! Star Magazine claims she has many other options, namely a Saudi billionaire who gave her his phone number when she was in Dubai last November.

“She wants to be taken care of,” a source tells this magazine. “She’s done being a sugar mama.”

In other Kim news from this week: She's a freak in bed!


What the hell are u talking about Monica " no body is hating Kim kardashian gave pussy up for free yes she got famous but no men have respect for her she getting dogged out all over the place please she getting pimp no one wants to be use like she is


lol... @monica..just coz u jelous like her n cant get laid as fast doesnt mean every other woman is like u, who doesnt bow down to a fake plastic pls speak for urself..thx u


Isn't all that pretty? Wow!! Im guessing i gues that's coming from another jelous hate. Ppl need to stop hating jus becuz they cnt get men as fast as they want. Like i said before jealous haterz around this world


Dont be jelous??? Wow...first of all: nobody should feel bad for her, she is very pathetic. Second of all: she presents herself as cheap trash because she has somebody new every time the last guy called it off. And last but not least: she isnt all the pretty. Maybe if people would open their eyes and realize this girl has no talent, maybe they will stop rooting for her.


I swear all y'all ppl talkn smack bout kim k r just jealous haterz!!! Kim is a beautiful woman who is jus like many of us girls who wears her heart on her sleeve and trusts these dumb men. If reggie dnt want her then that's his lost!! I always thought they were ment for each other but hes to dumb to c that n is to caught up into ppl like yal talkn shit about her. Get a life yal losers n stop talkn shit bout hers!! Luv ya kim k n keep being u and dnt let jealous losers like sum of these ppl get to u!


Its a shame people are so jealous.humpheery or wat ever u call him is useless no sensible girl should date him let alone marry him wit his leaking mouth can't even thgink before talking


i think it is really sad how a beautiful person can take there self and sell their self out so CHEAP .. no matter how much you spend on clothes or shoes it doesnt make you classie it is your reputation that says alot about u . i dont feel sorry for kim at all i thik she has sold here self so cheap no one will really ever respect her and i blam alot of that on her mom!!!!


Reggie was never going to get back with Kim she has just planted these fake stories in hopes he'd read one and say hmmm maybe I should run away with Kim... Er KIm you've just made yourself look even more stupid than you already are... Reggie i'd issue Kim with a cease and desist and get this trashy whore to stop dragging your name through the media


I don't understand the hype with Kim K. Yes, she has big plastic hooters. But her hips and thighs are soooooo heavy. Is that what guys want? I don't get it. Please explain????


She's the type who will go from man to man till her youth is gone. Then she'll latch on to someone quickly. Have that "trophy" child that will garner her some big media hype announcing conception, a few "preggie" stories, then the big birth announcement, including the exclusive post-natal photos of mother and child and then.....maybe for awhile we'll be rid of her assuming she has an inkling to delve head first into maternal bliss for a period of time. With Kim? I wouldn't hold my breathe!

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