Kim Kardashian: Attacked by Woman, White Powder

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This is so not kool, people.
Kim Kardashian White Powder Pic

During an event at the London Hotel in West Hollywood last night, Kim Kardashian was walking the red carpet when a woman ran up and tossed white powder all over the reality star's back and hair.

You can see the before-and-after shots from the fragrance launch below, with Kim being led away, following the assault, in the latter photo:

Kim Kardashian on a Red Carpet
Kim Kardashian White Powder Pic

The fire department was called in to determine the powder was simply cooking flour and police have detailed the assailant, who really is a moron.

If you aren't a fan of Kim Kardashian, ignore her on Facebook and Twitter. Don't make her sympathetic in the eyes of the public and definitely don't give her a reason to make more headlines.

Seriously, even Jon Hamm would not approve of this idiotic act.

UPDATE: Watch footage from the Kim Kardashian flour bomb now!

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The woman (whoever she is) is lucky that she didn't get arrested right there on the spot. And, I wonder if she has done this (or worse) to other celebrities. Just a thought..........


No matter what you feel ,come on your not allowed , what kind of people would do crazy thing like that an all the people who are praising this kind of stunt are just as bad , I mean bad people.


Wow that's so wrong...
That is evil....sad that there is
So much hate in this world.:-(


I'm not a fan of the Kardashians but I would never do anyone like that its simply rude and shows that you have no class. At least she didn't make a huge deal about it and still walked away in a better light than the o ther woman. And for everyone posting such negative and nasty comments about Kim why don't you go out and get a life since you have nothing else to occupy your time with but writing such comments. Shows how pathetic and distasteful you really are.


LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! ~ Slap the flour lady, you must be BL!... only those kind of chicks "SLAP" GOOD PEOPLE! ~ GO AWAY KAR'TRASH"IANS SLUTS WHO LOVE TO BE PEED ON BY "Big-Black-HORSE-Dongs" GROSSSED OUT COMPLETELY NOW! GO AWAY YOU NASTY BUNCH OF WHORES..... Yes, I'm a hater of prostitutes and whores....


A completely pointless act. Kim Kardashian had probably been loaned the dress (which is not uncommon for these events). It is probably now ruined. To think someone sat at home and plotted to humiliate someone famous in the public arena beggars belief. The person who did this has made themselves look more of fool than Kardashian. Truly bad behaviour and not funny. I'm glad Kardashian walked away with dignity because that's setting a good example.


Lmao.....that was funny....come on people its just flour....


Poor little kim haaaaaaaaa


The level of self-absorption with her is beyond comprehension. The funny thing is if she looks in the mirror so much why is she not seeing that she's ruining her face? Ironic that her love for her looks is the very thing destroying them. It's not only not pretty anymore its straight up PATHETIC. Find meaning in your life beyond the mirror for christ sakes, you'll regret it later...


I remember WARNING all of the Kardashians to be *EXTREMELY CAREFUL* when out and ABOUT. But this was at an event and one never expects people could do such a thing. This is an EXAMPLE of why any HOLLYWOOD people can't TRUST those around them. IF it would of been something other than POWDER/flour/etc, like ACID, it could of been MUCH WORSE. Kim, LISTEN, you CAN'T and MUST NOT let those folks get that CLOSE to you, and your SECURITY was wayyyyyyy OFF THE WALL.Either get STRICTER SECURITY, or don't be so ACCESSABLE. This time you were EXTREMELY lucky. Thank God for that.

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