Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Klash Over Wedding Kash

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are engaged in a game of He Said/She Said/Nobody Cares.

According to reports, the Nets rebounding machine is asking for $7 million in order to agree to a quickie divorce... or else he'll take the reality star to court and do all he can to expose their marriage as a money-making scam.

  • Kim Kardashian in Miami
  • Kris Humphries on GMA Set

But those in Kim's camp believe the request and the entire complaint is absurd, considering Humphries also cashed in on the wedding, earning a cool million bucks for the selling of photos, along with over $250,000 for each Keeping Up with the Kardashians appearance.

Where is all that money now?

In a joint account he's never touched, Kris says.

In his own account he most certainly HAS touched, Kardashian says.

For now, the joint account that was actually shared by the couple is being frozen by a judge until the mess is sorted out. Who will be the winner in this legal battle?

Most certainly not the public, that much we know.

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Kris wants almost 90% of his annual earnings from a 72 day marriage he put nothing into?! Just had to move in shut up and get paid. But that was too much to ask of Frankenstein! Great picture of him by the way.


@Valleri omg thank u thank u thank u!!!


Kim eats #1 and #2!


Kris take that Fame Money Ho to court & tell ALL to who will listen


Dude, grow some grapes and stop hassling chicks for money. You shoulda thought of all this scam nonsense while you were married. Now a lot of people might support your stupidity because it's easier to hate Kim but this judgemental country called USA is always gonna remember you as the doofus who married a chick for her money. I always told my mama that being freakishly tall doesn't make you a dude, you're like home tree in avatar yet asking for kardashian money makes you a midget of a man. What about his basketball, guess he's abandoned it to "play" legal blackmail