Kendra Wilkinson Leaves E! For WE TV

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Looks like Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is taking her reality show on the road ... or at least hitting the road and leaving the familiar confines of E! for WE tv.

After two successful reality series chronicling the ins and outs of her career and personal life, she's ready to turn over a new leaf. Okay, not really.

WE tv announced today that it will air Kendra on Top, a new docu-soap series that will pick up where E!'s Girls Next Door spinoff Kendra left off.

So it's basically the same, just on a station fewer people have heard of.

Major Sex Tape Star

"I'm so excited to be joining the WE tv family!" she said. "I'm thrilled to continue showing the world my story and everything coming up in my life."

Everything that comes up in NFL player hubby Hank Baskett and adorable son Hank IV's lives will also be chronicled, of course. Those are her boys.

The show has yet to go into production, but filming is expected to begin this month. Expect a lot of cute moments ... and outfits like the one above.

A 14-episode season of Kendra On Top will begin airing this summer.


i don't blame her want to move from e because the damn kardashian is taking over the e channel why don't theyjust say taking over e


Kendra is better than E!!! Cause E is rAn and controlled by the kardashians.... We is awesome!!!!!! I can't wait for her new show!!!!! I love kendra!!!!! And her husband is hot! LOL


I'm excited that Kendra will be on WE tv. I like watching her and her family.


I feel SPECIAL for this life growing inisde of me. But my most beautiful? No way. I feel awkward, slow, gassy, exhausted, and winded. Not to mention pasty since I am a tad anemic (I have felt better since I got extra Iron pills tho ) Of course, I am extremely happy and it's worth it for sure- but at the same time I cannot say I feel beautiful.


I really think of Kendra as an Amazing kind & considerate hard working Gorgeous woman just trying to pay the bills be famous & try to get close to her fans the best way she can & that's by making the reality Shows. Kendra is proof that if you have an addiction you can overcome it despite how others have ended up :) Peace to all man kind


good for you Kendra im glad i read all of these cause i didnt know till today that you switched to WE I will be watching!!!!!!!!!!!:)


yall are jealous! she is leaving E! for something more and you call her out for having boobs goodness your jealous ! get over your self she is a celeb living her life!! get over it assholes!!


Talk about jumping ship (or something)..........


Y levin E? Bt al t sem ur #1 fun alwz gat ur back lyk crazy gud luck wth t new station


Ohhhhhh can't wait for her play by play on how to do it hanging from a ceiling fan. She is such of a Attention Hog!

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The Girls Next Door
Kendra Wilkinson was a star on The Girls Next Door. But she left that show, along with Hugh Hefner, in 2008. From there, Kendra met and... More »
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Kendra Leigh Wilkinson