Katy Perry "Part of Me" Music Video: The Few, The Proud

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Katy Perry's official "Part of Me" music video has just been released, and it's an homage to all things girl power. Specifically, the few, the proud, the Marines.

It starts with Miss Perry sitting in a car, watching her beau attempt to work it with another girl. She storms into a gas station and a confrontation ensues.

While storming out, she lays eyes on a bumper sticker on the community board that reads, "All women are created equal, then some become Marines."

Perry, who wrote this song two years ago (it's not a slap at Russell Brand) enlists and dons some camo gear and boots. It's a pretty hot look on her, no?

Katy, who has recently been linked to model Baptiste Giabiconi, has performed her latest single live on numerous occasions in the U.S. and in Europe.


The video is amazing! I just asked KP a question for the fan interview! http://novafm.co/GzToLG


Who the hell writes these descriptions?!! She does not confront him in a gas station- its an office, and she doesn't see the bumper sticker as she's coming out of said gas station. Geesh, if this person is getting paid someone please tell me where to submit my application!!


Love Katy Perry


Basically, she breaks up with her boyfriend so she feels some need to prove to him and herself that she's not weak and can go on without him. So she joins the Marines, and as a Marine she finds the "part of her" that the guy can't take away from her by breaking up with her.
Lovely song, but the video really doesn't go that well with it.


"I just want to throw my phone away, find out who is really their for me." How is this song for the Marines??? It sounds like any other Katy Perry song. I don't get it at all.

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