Kate Upton Zoo York Ad: Banned By MTV!

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When MTV won't air an ad, you know it's gotta be pretty profane.

Such is the case for Kate Upton's latest campaign for skater clothing brand Zoo York, in which she can be seen jogging (and stretching!) through Manhattan as a pair of foul-mouthed cockroaches profanely ogle the the SI cover model.

That about sums it up. Watch the (VERY NSFW) spot below:

Adult Swim programs apparently banned the Kate Upton ad as well, which isn't really a big surprise, given that it makes her Carl's Jr. ad look downright tame.


That is total trash. No wonder our children are having so many problems. Especially the one's who don't have any supervision at home because their parents have to work. What happened to wholesome entertainment? It makes me really sick inside to see things like that and to think that these people that make them think that they are funny.


Oh my ridiculousness. This ad gets banned because of sexual innuendo, yet I see quite a few commercials that are shockingly violent (mainly ads for video games). Same with tv, it's perfectly fine to show depictions of gruesome violence, but Heaven Forbid! if a booby gets shown! The double standard in our society that doesn't bat an eye at violence, yet punishes sexuality, is so twisted.

Wv peach

The commercial is lame....it's relying on profanity and sexual innuendo to make it funny, but falls short. I just don't see anything remotely pretty in this girl. jmo....

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